How (& why) to make a YouTube end screen

Someone watches your YouTube video. Score! 👍

Oops, now your video ended and they started watching kittens playing with yarn. 👎

What if you had a way to keep them watching and engaged with your videos?

Retaining your viewers and getting them to consume more of your content should always be your goal. One of the easiest ways to achieve that is with YouTube end screens.

In the video aboveNicole goes through the process step-by-step. It’s easy to get started. If you’re on YouTube, this is something you can’t afford to leave out of your videos! 

Video transcript

Hi, I’m Nicole with Bambiz. Today we are going to talk about how to add that little “extra something” to your YouTube videos called an end screen element.

An end screen element simply makes your YouTube videos look better, and can allow your viewer to subscribe by the end of your video. It also allows them to click on another video of their choice.

So today, I’m going to show you:
  • An example of places where you can find pre-made end screens that are easy for you to plug and play
  • Exactly how you’re going to edit them into a video to make them work for YouTube
  • Go into YouTube — and I’ll show you where to find this — so when you’re uploading you can easily do this yourself

Now we’re here in Canva. (Canva can also be used to create YouTube video thumbnails) Once you’re into Canva – as you can see here – you’re going to search “YouTube end screens” in the search box. You can see that there are many options to choose from.

The other option is, if you have Adobe Creative Suite, they have something similar to Canva called Adobe Spark. If you’re paying for Adobe Creative Suite, you also have access to this. I’m going to show you that as well. Once you’re in Adobe Spark it will send you to Then you’re just going to type again in the search bar at the top “YouTube end screen” and it is going to give you all of these options.

These are a little bit different than Canva because they are Adobe, but they are again still royalty-free images. If you pay for Adobe stock images you have access to those stock images as well.

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[For the next steps, refer to video above for a visual walkthrough]

I’m just going to use this one right here because it seems to be the simplest. We’re going to go into it:

  • Make sure that you have a place for them to subscribe
  • Choose one video or a video in a playlist
  • Or you can just do two videos
  • Upload your logo
  • You can also add Facebook and Instagram, things like that

These placeholders need to stay blank squares. These squares are an outline for you, then you’ll go in and download your graphic as a PNG file.

Go into your video editing software. Plug in your video. Then you’re going to insert your end screen. When you’re inserting your end screen, make sure the image you added to the video is at least eight seconds long. I try to do around nine or ten seconds. It just gives you a little more leeway to work with.

Then if you want to get really fancy with it you can add some music. My tip for that is using the end of a song that you like because then it’s already faded out at the end and then you can just line it up perfectly.

Once you export your video, go back to your YouTube. Upload your video as you normally would. You’ll see this screen. Add your title and your description. Make sure you add your thumbnail file. (I did not make a specific thumbnail for this one)

Hit next. This is where you’re going to add an end screen element. You can say import from video, or you can just go straight in and find where your end screen starts. I did a “subscribe, 1 video, playlist.” I’m going to scroll down and find that.

You can see this little transparent box, it is where your end screen elements have to be. You can click and move these as needed. Click on where your end screen element starts. This number, click and copy and then you’re going to put it right here. It will snap it down to where it’s supposed to be. Click on the next one and do the same thing for those. Then it lines them up all together where they’re supposed to be. Then you’ll just move them to their appropriate spots.

You’re going to use your template outlines. Add them in right there and once you’re done with that you have to choose a playlist. Then you can choose the video. You can do your most recent upload or you can do the best view for the viewer. I’m going to do most recent upload. Then you’re going to hit save.

Now, this is what this video looks like. This is the end screen element. I can click on the podcast or I can click on our most recent video. I can also click on a subscribe.

This is why we like to add end screens. It brings them back to you. End screen elements are not just there to make your YouTube videos look a little more impressive. They’re there to promote your videos, get eyes on the things that you actually want to be seen, and also can help you promote (maybe workshop courses for your practice). It also allows people to subscribe to your channel more easily. You can also add your links and your social media, getting more viewers to your practice and becoming more noticeable to a wider audience.

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