3 reasons your law firm needs a blog

A few weeks ago we wrote an article about how to write high-ranking blog content

Then we realized we didn’t really touch on the fact that this ONE tool can be the difference between someone hiring you instead of your competition.

It really is that powerful. This one tool can help you:

  1. Build a strong reputation
  2. Help potential clients in the decision making process
  3. Save you time and improve your service
Check out the video above to learn more.

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Full video transcript

Hi, I’m Nicole with Bambiz. Today we’re going to talk about why a blog is vital to your law firm’s website.

In this day and age, it’s easy to jump online and find the information that you’re searching for.

At a law practice, having quality content on a blog can not only set you apart from your competition but it can also:
  1. Build a strong reputation
  2. Help potential clients in the decision making process
  3. Save you time and improve your service


So why should you, an attorney, spend time creating a blog on your website?

Build a strong reputation

Well, simply SEO loves quality content! If you want search engines (like Google) to pay attention to your site, you need more quality content. A search engine thrives by giving its users the best and most relevant information in response to whatever they’re searching for.

More information on your website gives more ways for new clients to find you – even if they’re not looking to hire a lawyer just yet. 

By coming across an article that you’ve posted on your website blog, they have not only been exposed to your name and firm’s website, but now they view you as generous enough to give more information on your area of expertise. So not only does this build you a great reputation, but it will also encourage them to share your article on social media, which again, can relate back to good SEO. And this can lead potential clients right back to you.

Help potential clients in the decision making process

Having a blog on your website can display your legal expertise in your field. That means when referrals or potential clients check out your website, they see your firm’s expertise in the areas that they are needing assistance with. 

Blogging articles can give a personal connection with these potential clients and can give the user an idea of what it might be like to hire you or work with you.

Save you time and improve your service

But let’s not forget, blogging can save you time and improve your service. When you’re writing content that answers frequent questions or concerns of potential clients, you then have a quick and easy resource to point back to those topics when speaking with someone new.

You’re no longer having to send these long lengthy emails where you have long discussions about these topics. You can simply share the link directly with your clients.

As an attorney, you must be flexible to digital routes as well as the traditional. We live in
an information driven society. So blogging about what you know will give you an advantage in building your reputation, your client base and your revenue.

Keep in mind that if you’re not presenting the information that your potential clients are looking for, someone else will. Putting the information out in the open now means more business for your firm later.

Remember content marketing is essential in growing your law practice today. 

If you do not have content marketing that is easily accessible or your website just simply needs an update, check out our SEO options for Elder Law & Estate Planning attorneys (which includes blog writing), or website design services

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