Why Online Marketing?

Our guest today is none other than the founder of Bambiz himself, Jim Blake.

This episode has some INCREDIBLE VALUE for you guys, such as: How to leverage online analytics to grow The advantages of online marketing methods as opposed to offline marketing methods Upcoming trends & expectations for the next 6 months inside of the Elder Law & Estate Planning industry The difference between “doing it yourself” and outsourcing in regards to marketing And more…

Episode Transcript

planning firms grow their practices through digital marketing so they can help create a lasting legacy for families everywhere. No one should pass away without a solid plan in place and everyone should be able to age with dignity.

My name is Dan Hafner and I will be your host for this podcast. I want to thank you all for joining whether this is your first time with us or you have tuned into an episode previously, welcome to the show!

Today we have a special guest, Jim Blake, owner and founder of Bambiz Marketing the ultimate sponsor of the show and the premier agency for Elder Law and Estate Planning Firms in America. For those of you who don’t know Jim let’s go ahead and have you introduce yourself. 

Jim: Hi everyone, thanks for having me. So we work exclusively with elder law and estate planning firms. I’ll answer some questions later on but we saw a need within the marketplace. A lot of people open their businesses and put a sign on the door but don’t see an influx of people as they hoped. We help them grow their online presence and many people have started to see an influx of qualified clients since working with us. We have been doing this since 2016. My wife had an accidental part in the founding of the company.

I have always had a background in sales and marketing, she worked in event planning for many elder law and estate planning attorneys. I would attend some of these events and really just found that they needed a little extra help with their marketing. I was able to help them out and put some things in place, sometimes at no charge but it started blowing up. Later my wife got a position with the Heckerling Institute which is a big program a the University of Miami. 

Still, I saw a common theme that they were great at law but not so much at marketing. We were able to put together online campaigns to help them get qualified people to sign up for their events, calling their offices, and even downloading materials. 

Dan: So what are some of the biggest or most common tips and tricks you share with people? 

Jim: My background is actually in different industries like automotive, healthcare or fitness. When I first started I found that there are actually other agencies that just don’t know the nuances of elder law and estate planning. So they defaulted to the key elements that are universal in marketing and sales. 

The first person we worked with we actually had no idea what to do. We said we can put together something and people will provide you with their contact information. The client actually put together a document where if people became incapacitated or ended up dying they would leave this document behind with their social media, account usernames and passwords. That way the person who is taking over their duties had all of the information. 

People were downloading it and it was working really well. We started doing workshops and events because of that. What we found was that people who are caretakers use the internet very differently than younger people or even myself. 

Dan: I bet that had to be difficult to figure out the younger crowd versus the older crowd online.

Jim: Why would people in the 55 to 65 and up pay attention to ads to begin with.

Dan: How do you overcome it? 

Jim: We did overtime due to a lot of split testing and figuring out what those people’s pain points were. And using those for templates, scripts, buttons, and call to actions that people could relate to and using that at scale. The nice thing is with a local attorney you are only targeting the local area. A national campaign is much different than a local campaign. 

The thing about working with an agency that is dialed in on this is that the learning curve is gone. What a lot of people don’t get or understand is that just blanketly throwing an ad out there won’t work. You are essentially donating money at that point. Many people think they can do it themselves because they took a course on it. But that course only gave them the nuts and bolts not the practical application of it. 

You’ll end up spending a lot of time and money trying to become an expert but you are already an expert at law. So you should spend your time doing law and either hire someone that already knows it or hiring an external agency to do it for you.

Dan: What are some of the advantages that you see in online and digital marketing that you can’t get with offline?

Jim: The main thing to consider is the immediate gratification. People may see a billboard or a newspaper but they likely won’t take action. The online content can have a call to action where if they click it you get their phone number and email address. You can then take that to your contact list or email list and you control the lead from that point on. 

That’s the game changer for online, people can look at the ads but they can also take action. If you generate leads and contacts through your online marketing you won’t have to pay as much in the future for your marketing because you can remarket to people you already have information for. 

The nice thing about online too is you can make changes. Instead of printing out a postcard with only a few dates or times you can easily change out the date on a digital campaign. 

Dan: We are coming up on a year of COVID, so inside of the elder law and estate planning industry what are some of the trends you see happening as this starts to come to and end. What can our listeners take advantage of?

Jim: First, do what you feel comfortable doing. We have clients all over the country and the thing that we have seen so far is that the firms who have chosen to resume in person meetings people are actually showing up. The people who show up for these are ready to take action. 

For people who show up for a webinar, they are going to take more touchpoints to become a potential client whereas the in person workshops are more about the educational portion.

Dan: There is a system and strategic process of after someone takes action by signing up for a webinar or visiting the website. You want to make sure they all have the right follow up.

That’s all for this episode, as always I appreciate you joining. You can always check out bambiz.net or elderlawgrowthpodcast.com for more information and show notes. Please subscribe if you haven’t already. We appreciate any reviews or shares to anyone you know who might benefit from our content.  Join us next week for another episode. It’s been a pleasure, Dan Hafner signing off. Talk to you next time.

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