Blogging is a great lead generation tool, but also a value-add for your existing clients. Blogs help improve your credibility and reputation as a lawyer and help you attract new clients.

Check out how to write high ranking blog content for writing tips to make your articles stand out.

However, you need to maintain your law blog once you get it started, and that means posting new blog content regularly.  

One of the hardest parts of blog writing is coming up with new topics.

Here are a few topic ideas to help you reach your ideal clients and keep your existing clients engaged:
  • Legal analysis in specific areas of Law – Your expertise in your area of law is your greatest strength, so generate blog posts in areas that potential clients who are searching the internet can find answers they are looking for in your blogs.
  • Answer questions – Your clients and potential clients likely have common questions and providing them with helpful information adds value and piques their interest.Many legal topic searches begin with “what to do when…” So, answer questions that come up for people when they encounter common legal issues, such as “how do I qualify for Medicaid?”
  • Dispel legal myths – When it comes to legal issues, people often have a gap in their information. As an attorney, you’ve likely heard many legal myths over the years, so address them in a blog post.
  • Seasonal content – To celebrate holidays and address seasonal issues, create blog posts around topics that pertain to your area of expertise.

    For example, remind people that a new year is a perfect time to review their wills and update them with any changes that happened the prior year.

  • Share legal updates and industry news – If new laws have been added that will affect the lives of your clients, create timely posts that explain upcoming changes in that area of law.

  • Upcoming events – Do you have a workshop, conference, or seminar that you will be hosting? Or, are you sponsoring a local charity event such as an Alzheimer’s Walk? Share this with potential clients and invite them to join you, if appropriate.


  • Interviews with other experts – Have a question and answer dialogue with a nursing home worker, financial planner, or another professional related to your area of practice.

    Sharing this with your audience can provide unexpected content and valuable insight for your readers.
Consistent blogging will help you reach the right people.

It’s important, though, that once people find one of your blog posts, there is an easy transition for them. They should go from website visitor to prospect and eventually client.

When writing a blog, mention the importance of having legal counsel and include links to contact forms and other conversion opportunities throughout your blog. Don’t forget to promote your blogs through email blasts and social media.

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