Websites: What We Can Do For Yours

Is your website currently being “held hostage” on the proprietary site of another marketing agency?

Or maybe it’s just a bit outdated and you’ve been thinking that it’s time for a refresh.

Bambiz builds websites on WordPress, an SEO-friendly platform that can be changed, moved, or edited at any time by anyone who knows how to use it.

That means that we don’t hold your website “hostage” on a proprietary site, leaving you helpless and stuck starting from scratch if you want to make any changes or move your site.

The “Storytelling Process”

We use what’s known as a “storytelling process” to build out your page.

A qualified lead finds their way to your website, and will be led through a story where you are the “hero” guiding them to the end result that they are looking for.

Multiple Ways to Capture Information

Your site will be user friendly and provide multiple lead-generating options so you can capture the visitor’s contact information. Have them schedule an appointment or a consultation, or input their contact information to access educational material.

The site will be attractive to your audience and easy to navigate, and optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. We’ve collected data from all across the country which tells us that 80% of website visitors are using some sort of mobile device.

Optimization is Key

Optimization is key so that they don’t get frustrated and exit your site without interacting. You have no way of knowing who visited your site, what their needs were, or what they were looking for. This leads to countless missed opportunities.

Bambiz will handle the building and the hosting of the website, although if you need content above and beyond that, we can provide additional services that are not included in our standard website package.

Already Have WordPress?

If you already have a WordPress website that you’re happy with, Bambiz will provide SEO optimization.

This includes going through to see it’s current rankings and determining how optimized the page is for your main services.

You want to attract the ideal clients that you want to work with, so your main services pages will be a primary focus for us.

When people are searching online for the services you offer, you will become the “local authority”, and your content on those pages will start ranking in the search results.

Bottom Line

People need your help but they need to know how to find you.

Getting your website refreshed and optimized will be one giant leap in helping your community find you on the world wide web.

This is an example of our monthly YouTube content.

Every month we will provide you the top 4 trending YouTube topics (keywords) related to Elder Law & Estate Planning. These are things that your potential clients are already searching for!

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These are examples of the e-newsletters that we create for our clients.

With our email management service, we create and send a weekly e-newsletter to your contact list. We brand it with your colors and logo, and it looks like it comes straight from your firm.

This is an example of the emails in our nurture sequence. 

With our email management service, we create you both sales and nurture email campaigns that follow up with all new potential clients for 2 months.

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