{VIDEO} Why Videos are Important in Advertising

When it comes to engagement – videos rule.

Even a 10-second video has the ability to:

✅ Tell an extensive story
✅ Generate a generous amount of emotional cues
✅ Appeal to a wider range of our senses better than any other form of content.

Simply put, videos help break down barriers that images sometimes cannot.

They start to build a relationship and help potential clients get to know you before your webinar or workshop.

That being said, your videos DO NOT have to be anything fancy. We recommend propping up your smartphone or utilizing a tripod to record. The simpler your video, the more relatable you come across to potential clients.

If any editing is needed, we will take care of that for you on our end!

The main video we request from our clients is your “invitation video.”

In this short 30 second video, you simply introduce yourself and invite potential clients to your upcoming workshop or webinar. Again, this quick video just helps to start building a relationship with potential clients before you even have the chance to meet.

In turn, they are more comfortable with scheduling a consultation with you!

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