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Video marketing & content can be an exhausting and confusing topic for most people – but it doesn’t have to be. Just remember – the social platforms of today are favoring video content – so it isn’t something that can be ignored.

Here are the 5 reasons why video content & marketing needs to be part of your online strategy: Video is meant to educate and entertain. Video turns into free SEO. Video content helps you get and stay competitive in the online space. Video allows you to get personal and authentic with your audience. Video can help boost your conversions (lead-generation, sales, etc.)

One question we get asked about videos is: “How long should my videos be?” That depends on what the goal of the video is!

Episode Transcript

Welcome to the Elder Law Growth Podcast! We are on a mission to help elder law and estate planning firms grow their practices through digital marketing so they can help create a lasting legacy for families everywhere. No one should pass away without a solid plan in place and everyone should be able to age with dignity.

My name is Dan Hafner and I will be your host for this podcast. I want to thank you all for joining whether this is your first time with us or you have tuned into an episode previously, welcome to the show!

Today’s topic is video marketing and content. This is one of the hot topics of today with the recent huge push from online and social media towards video content. People today have much shorter attention spans and don’t want to spend all day reading things. Creating engaging video content will help you in your business but will also help your online presence grow. 

We will talk about it in terms of both organic and paid advertising. When we think about how we can use videos in an elder law and estate planning firm there is a variety of things you can do. And what type you do doesn’t necessarily matter as long as you are doing something and you are consistent. 

I have 5 reasons why video marketing is so useful and should be a part of your marketing strategy. The first piece is that video is meant to educate and entertain. Many people within the industry don’t associate those two together. People want to see the real you, you don’t always have to show the polished and clean side of yourself. 

What if you allow people to see the real side of you, not when you wake up in your pajamas. Just the behind the scenes of what is going on in your business. This can be recorded on your phone it doesn’t have to be with a fancy camera. The focus is to provide your audience useful information. If you are doing videos just to do videos you aren’t going to see results. You need to have a specific goal and purpose in mind. 

The second reason why video is great for your marketing is that it turns into free SEO. For those of you that may not know SEO is search engine optimization. Which is when someone searches into google, bing or any kind of search engine keywords that are relevant to your business. The result of your business might come up higher than the result of another business or vice versa. 

When it comes to youtube video content, youtube is owned by google so google actually prefers to show video content search results that are from youtube. If you consistently post to youtube that is basically free SEO. If someone searches a relevant term they might see your video pop up first and choose to watch it over reading a competitor’s blog post because a video is just easier to watch.

The third piece is that video content and marketing allows you to stay competitive. You may not see it within your local market but we see that there is more video content being put out there. Again when it comes to SEO if someone searches a relevant term and you don’t have video content you might be ranked below someone who does. If you do have more engaging and SEO friendly video content you might have the edge over someone else.

The number four reason to have video content is it allows you to get personal. You don’t want to be just a random face on a billboard or Facebook you are able to be associated with a certain solution. Video allows you to enter someone into your sales process in a more personal way. 

Now I know video can be scary, even I was scared to do it at first. But the more you do it the fear goes away and you start to see people engage and connect with you. People can see through the fake version of you so showing the real version of yourself and get real with people it will go a long way. 

The fifth and final reason why video marketing is useful for your firm is it boosts your conversions. We have seen it time and time again where the video gets cheaper views or gets more opt-in leads for a webinar. No matter what type of video it is, video tremendously reduces cost and increases conversions. 

When you think about advertising or marketing you are really in the business of stopping the scroll. Everyone is scrolling through their phones looking at pictures of family or friends and you want to think about is your video or caption going to stop them long enough to engage. That is the first step.

Once they start watching you can get personal and educate them or invite them to something. Now they are on your email list and you can have regular communication with them. I have never seen something as powerful as video. It allows people to get a glimpse into how you act, sound and carry yourself. 

The longer you avoid really getting into video you are not capitalizing on an opportunity. One of the frequently asked question I get is how long should videos be. As a general rule of thumb a paid advertising video is between 15-30 seconds. If you want more information we have a paid video scripts document that you can get by reaching out to our team at

If you are going to do live videos, we see videos that last 10 minutes or longer get promoted more organically. Overall video is a game changer for your business. A quick recap of the five reasons you should be taking advantage of video marketing. 

One it’s to educate and entertain your potential audience. Number two it is free additional seo or organic marketing online. Three it helps you stay competitive and get competitive in the online world. Number four it allows you to get up close and personal in a way that no other medium online allows you to do so. And number five it can help you boost conversions inside of organic or paid marketing or advertising strategies.

That’s all for this episode, as always I appreciate you joining. You can always check out or for more information and show notes. Please subscribe if you haven’t already. We appreciate any reviews or shares to anyone you know who might benefit from our content.  Join us next week for another episode. It’s been a pleasure, Dan Hafner signing off. Talk to you next time.

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