How to Use Mailchimp for Email Marketing

We love Mailchimp! It’s FREE and really easy to use. 

(They didn’t even pay us to say this!)

In this video, we cover: 

  • Why we like and use Mailchimp ourselves
  • What is included in the FREE version
  • 3 ways you can use Mailchimp for email marketing in your law practice
      1. Email newsletters
      2. Notifying contacts of business changes
      3. Lead nurturing (follow up emails)

Using email campaigns keeps you top of mind with past and future clients, so they turn to you when they need help.

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Full video transcript

Hi, I’m Andrea with Bambiz and today we are going to talk about how to use Mailchimp for email marketing. This is specifically tailored towards Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorneys.

We’re going to talk about why we like Mailchimp, and then three ways that you can use it in your practice.

Why we like Mailchimp to use as a marketing tool in your Elder Law or Estate Planning practice.

I’ll start by saying it’s free, which is really great! You can get — as you can see on the screen here — email campaigns that can be scheduled. So newsletters and things like that, up to 2,000, contacts, one step automations, and then a paid version if you do go over the 2000 contacts or you want to have multi-step automations starts at $10 a month so it’s very inexpensive. They aren’t paying me to say this! We personally use Mailchimp ourselves and we really like it.

It’s user-friendly. They have a new visual builder that they just came out with to design emails and it’s so easy. I’ve included a screenshot here. It’s basically drag and drop. So they start you off with a template, you can put your logo in, add a headline, text, add an image, add the article, and it comes with a call to action right there. “Schedule a consultation with us,” update those social links and you’re done. In about 15 minutes you can create a pretty good looking email with Mailchimp. The nice thing is once you create something you like, it’s very easy to replicate it or save it as a template and use it in other different types of campaigns.

The first way to use Mailchimp for marketing in your Elder Law or Estate Planning Practice: Email Newsletters

The first way you can use it is email newsletters. This is an example of an email newsletter that we send out on behalf of one of our clients here on the left side. You want to include articles that are relevant to their phase of life. This particular attorney practices elder law so you’ll see this article is titled “Is my home protected from long-term care costs?”

What that does is that builds a relationship with your audience. They don’t feel like you’re just trying to sell them something, you’re actually trying to educate them and trying to give them something interesting to read every week, or every month — whatever frequency you choose. That way when they actually need something, you’re already there in their inbox. You’re top of mind because you’re dropping in their inbox periodically and that means that they’re going to hire you.

Also really, really important: include a call to action or you’ll see this “CTA” it’s abbreviated as a lot. As you see on this template, this attorney wants people to watch his on-demand webinar. So we include a call to action on every email: Click here to watch our on-demand webinar.

It may be different for your practice, maybe you want to get people to a live event, maybe you just want them to pick up the phone and call you or schedule a consultation. Whatever you want people to actually do, make sure you ask them to do it as part of your newsletter.

The second way to use Mailchimp for marketing in your Elder Law or Estate Planning Practice: Business changes

Another way to use Mailchimp in your practice is notifying your contacts of changes in your business.

Here’s an example email: we have a new team member here at Bambiz, our Marketing Manager Ashlynn. So, we sent out an email through Mailchimp letting everyone know: hey you’re going to be seeing Ashlynn’s face, you’re going to be speaking with her.

If you offer a new service: Hey we’re now offering grief coaching and counseling as part of our practice. Different things like that. Or maybe a change in your office location, or hours any kind of notifications relating to your business are great to use Mailchimp for.

The third way to use Mailchimp for marketing in your Elder Law or Estate Planning Practice: Lead nurturing

Lead nurturing is kind of a confusing word but really all it means is follow-up emails that go out after someone does something. Here you can see one of our attorney clients. We have a five step workflow email sequence set up. These are lead nurturing emails that go out after someone interacts with this attorney’s campaign.

He has some Facebook ads running, he also has some opt-in type things on his website. Whenever someone comes through those channels they get enrolled into this workflow. They get a series of five emails that come from this attorney and they go out each day. What these do is they introduce people to you, your practice, they go over how you can help them. Again, just like the email newsletters, it builds a relationship with people. The great thing is you can “set it and forget it.”

More than one email in the sequence will require you to upgrade to the paid version of Mailchimp. You can certainly play around with the free version and set up that one automated email, see how you like it, and decide if you want to move forward from there.

That is it with Mailchimp and your practice. I hope this was helpful for you. If you have any questions feel free to reach out.

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