Jim Blake Shines Light on Bambiz in The Thoughtful Entrepreneur Podcast


Our very own Bambiz CEO, Jim Blake, recently had the pleasure of appearing on “The Thoughtful Entrepreneur” podcast hosted by Josh Elledge. This renowned podcast is known for hosting invigorating discussions with successful business people and providing valuable insights and inspiration to its audience.

With over six years of exclusive focus on this industry, Bambiz has become well-known for helping Elder Law & Estate Planning Law Firms with marketing, including filling live workshops and webinars, enabling them to connect with their communities effectively.

Understanding the Unique Culture of Elder Law Attorneys

Bambiz’s Jim Blake explained that the culture of elder law attorneys is distinct. While he acknowledged some stereotypes about attorneys in general, he emphasized that the elder law attorney community is different. 

Elder law attorneys deeply care about their work and understand the importance of the services they provide to individuals and families. Jim’s journey into working with elder law attorneys began when his wife, Andrea, took a position with a company providing continuing legal education for elder law attorneys. 

Through his interactions with these attorneys, Jim discovered their struggle to attract clients after starting their own practices. Drawing on his sales and marketing background, Jim initially offered his assistance for free, eventually leading to the establishment of Bambiz in 2016.

Effective Marketing Strategies for Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorneys

When it comes to marketing for elder law and estate planning attorneys, traditional methods like billboards, which are popular in other legal sectors, are not effective. Jim explained that the key to successful marketing in this field is triggering potential clients’ recognition of their need for legal assistance. 

Bambiz employs strategies, such as targeted online advertisements, engaging landing pages, and effective follow-up techniques, to guide potential clients toward signing up for live workshops and webinars. By connecting with the right people and delivering the right message, Bambiz helps law firms build trust and establish relationships with potential clients, ultimately changing families’ legacies nationwide.

Navigating Advertising Challenges 

During the interview, Host Josh brought up the unique advertising challenges faced by attorneys in Central Florida, known for pushing the boundaries of legal marketing. Jim acknowledged that the legal industry has specific guidelines and restrictions on advertising, which makes marketing for elder law attorneys different from other fields. 

While some law firms invest millions of dollars in advertising, Jim highlighted the importance of targeted marketing strategies tailored to the needs of elder law and estate planning clients. Instead of following the approaches of large firms, Bambiz focuses on delivering relevant content and connecting with potential clients on a personal level.

Leveraging the Power of Webinars and Live Events

Josh and Jim delved into the power of content marketing, particularly webinars. Due to the pandemic, Bambiz had to pivot from hosting live events to conducting webinars. Although webinars served as a substitute, Jim emphasized the importance of face-to-face interactions, especially with the senior and baby boomer demographics. 

Building trust and establishing relationships is more challenging through webinars, although they still prove effective for some individuals. However, as the world returns to normalcy, live events have regained popularity, allowing attorneys to connect with potential clients in a more personal way.

Overcoming Low Turnout at Events

Addressing a common concern faced by attorneys, Josh asked Jim for advice on dealing with low turnout at events. Jim highlighted the significance of following up with registered attendees and engaging them in meaningful conversations. 

By understanding their motivations and concerns, attorneys can tailor their presentations to address specific issues, building anticipation and ensuring a higher attendance rate. Furthermore, Jim stressed the importance of meticulous follow-up and communication and maintaining engagement throughout the event registration process.

Providing Free Resources and Empowering Attorneys

Lastly, Josh discussed the abundance of free resources on the Bambiz website. While the company aims to provide comprehensive marketing services, Jim firmly believes in sharing knowledge and empowering attorneys to navigate the world of marketing on their own. 

The website offers a wealth of resources, including the Elder Law Growth Podcast, a book called “Unstoppable Growth,” free training webinars, and articles that cover a wide range of marketing topics specifically tailored for elder law attorneys.

Inspiring Entrepreneurs and Legal Professionals

As the podcast drew to a close, Jim left the audience with a renewed sense of inspiration and motivation. His passion for empowering attorneys and helping them make a positive impact on the lives of their clients shone through, resonating with entrepreneurs and legal professionals alike. 

Through his insights and expertise, Jim encouraged listeners to embrace the possibilities of online marketing and leverage its potential to build successful and fulfilling legal practices.

Ready to Take Your Marketing to the Next Level?

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