The Sales Email Sequence (Part 2)

(Part 2 of 3 in our email marketing series)

Part 1: Got someone’s email. Now what?
Part 3: The Nurture Email Sequence

In this episode, we are going beyond just getting your emails opened. How many emails should you send? When should you send them? What should be in those emails? We cover it all. That way, when your potential client is ready to hire an attorney, they know who to choose.

We even built out a free email sequence template to get you started! Download here.

Episode Transcript

This is part two of three of our email strategy segment if you’re an elder law or an estate planning attorney and you have an email list but you haven’t really been doing anything with it you need to be emailing these people because you want to get more clients this three-part segment is for you. 

In our previous episode, I introduced the very successful and very popular two-step method by Donald Miller in his book Marketing Made Simple. Countless companies use this email strategy, huge companies use this strategy, and they swear by it. We use it and we know it works our clients use it and they know it works. Now we’re going to be talking about this here today. 

This strategy is about getting your contact list to not only open your emails but to build up that trust so that way when they’re ready to hire an attorney they know who to hire. In today’s episode, we are going to talk about the first step and which is the sales sequence.

The sales sequence is six emails and as you guessed it, it’s sales emails but it’s not the sales that you’re thinking about, it’s not salesy. But there are six emails that every contact needs to get right after they give you their email address. You can’t leave these people hanging.

Let me paint the picture for you, let’s say I really need an estate planning attorney because i need help with Medicaid so I can get into a nursing home. I’m up late at night and I find your website. I’m on your website and I see ooh you have a freebie, you actually have an ebook all about how to qualify for Medicaid. 

I’m going to click that book because I’m desperate for answers. In order for me to get the answer though what do I give you, my email address. It’s an exchange and this is why it’s so imperative to have those lead magnets on your website, not just one but many lead magnets. So I give you my email address and I get the answer. The problem is most people don’t do anything with these email addresses.

Probably because nobody knows what to email, well I’m gonna take the mystery out of it for you. We’re going to talk about six emails here today and guess what you do not have to hire a copywriter because we have written the emails for you. Let’s dive into it.  

Welcome to elder law growth podcast, this is the place to be for elder law and estate planning attorneys to get all the skills and tools that you need to market your law firm without wasting your time. I’m Amie Hearst, the marketing manager here at Bambiz and in this episode we’re going to go over the six emails every email contact should get.

Email number one so I go to your website and download the freebie about Medicaid. This is the very first email I should get and I should get it immediately because this is the email that delivers a product. But what should the subject line be? Here’s your free ebook and how to use it super easy and this email is really short. How short is it? Let’s find out what does the word count say, this is only 77 words.

These emails need to be short, the shorter the better. Straight to the point and very easy to read because you not only need to write your emails at a sixth grade reading level but it needs to be short because people zoom through things really fast. Make sure you include the link to your freebie say, here’s the link. 

But don’t just leave the link and say thanks. Include the why because if I’m desperately looking for answers chances are I’m on multiple attorney websites trying to learn as much about Medicaid and nursing homes as possible. I am downloading various attorney’s ebooks, links, and webinars. Whatever I can get for free really fast. 

These emails need to tap into the emotions a little bit. Emotions make the sale facts do not make the sale. You have your link, you have the reason why, and then you have your one liner. If you don’t know what your one liner is, it’s basically your elevator pitch. Why you stand out and why you’re different. 

Then at the bottom of the email say your ps. Include a ps in some of these emails because it’s different and this is where you can include your CTA, your call to action. Your CTA you never want to send out an email without leaving them the next step. 

So the first email was about the product, and the second email is the problem and solution. This is where you hit the pain point, think about all the problems that your potential client has. For this example I’m talking about people taking advantage of the elderly, that’s a pain point. I’m sure you can come up with another one whatever you think would be more beneficial for your marketing strategies. 

In the subject line, you don’t have to use an emoji if you don’t want to but emojis are great because think about the wall of text but if there’s a little emoji in your inbox you tend to gravitate towards the emojis. That’s why the emojis are there it captures the eye.

But here’s the thing you not only talk about the problem but you also talk about the solution. So you could say here are the ways I can help my clients do this and here are a few examples of how I help them. You’re not giving away the whole cow, you’re just giving them some milk. Give some good sustenance with your emails, show your worth, and then of course end your email with the CTA.

Email number three is the testimonial, social proof is imperative and this is how you can do it. In your subject line say, “You want to sleep better at night?” Asking a question in your subject line always gets more attention and of course who doesn’t want to sleep better at night? I would click that, I’d wonder how to sleep better tonight because your potential clients are worried about something. 

They’re trying to get things taken care of so this is where you can say, this was one of my client’s biggest worries and once I gave him the solution this is what he said and you can take a screenshot of the testimonial. And then include your CTA, click here to book an appointment with me, call me here, or you can just reply.

Email number four. This is where the sticky stuff comes in. This is when you overcome the objection because you know when people don’t hire you there’s a reason why. Usually one of the biggest objections to hiring an attorney it’s expensive. People can’t afford it and this is when you can say, yes lawyers are too expensive. If they see that they’ll say, “Well wait a minute isn’t a lawyer sending me this what does this mean?” 

It catches their attention a little bit, so you say, “yeah it’s a whole lot cheaper to do your own will but did you know in the long run it’ll cost more money?” This is where you’re talking about you’re giving them a choice, you can either hire an attorney now and pay less money or not hire an attorney and have your family pay more money afterward because the inheritance wasn’t handled correctly.

Email number five is the paradigm shift. This is where you can get salesy but you don’t have to be sleazy about it. This is where you brag about yourself a little bit, and this is where you say this is why you should hire me out of everyone else in our community, this is why i stand out. 

If I was in your shoes I’d make this a personal email, I would maybe even include a picture of something personal from your life or from your office. Maybe if you have a pet in the office take a picture of that pet and talk about it. Show them that you’re a real person in this email and make that connection. Of course, you can have that ps at the end, do you want to meet with me sometime click here and let’s chat.

Finally the sixth email, this is the sales email. I will tell you and I believe it says it in Donald Miller’s book and we know it for ourselves, most people won’t reply to the first five emails. That’s the truth but the sales email the sixth one is when it gets people’s attention.  

The subject line, “I’ll just leave this here for you.”  People will say whoa, what are you leaving here for me and they’ll click it. Then this is when you list out the sales and just call them out on it and say, I’d like to invite you to my office and if you’re interested please call me.

Of course, you can come up with something else if you don’t want to do a free consultation but it’s basically leading up to the sale. This is the email that gets most people’s attention but I will say in the marketing world we know it takes anywhere between 8 and 15 points of contact. Which means you need to keep reaching out 8 to 15 times.  

That’s a lot and this is just six emails so that is what step two is about. Step two is about the nurture sequence. Maybe they’re not ready to hire you yet but they know that you’re there for them. Don’t just stop at this sixth email, you keep going.  

That’s what the next episode is all about, the nurture sequence. We’ll be talking about all the emails in that one and those will be written out for you also. As a freebie you can download it and use it for your practice. We just want to make sure no emails are slipping through the cracks because those are your leads. 

If you want to learn more about marketing please feel free to visit our website Thanks for listening to the elder law growth podcast the place to be for all things marketing for elder law and estate planning law firms. If you liked this podcast please leave us a review wherever you are listening to this podcast. If you’d like to outsource your marketing to our team go to and book a free call with us today.

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