The ONE Key Ingredient Of Effective Legal Presentations, with Attorney Jack Weyers

“Why aren’t people signing up after my presentation?”

If you give free educational presentations, chances are, you’ve faced this struggle: You pay the money to get “butts in the seats”. Then, you spend your valuable time educating them.

But nobody signs up after. Why?

Your presentation is missing the one magic ingredient that can transform bored attendees into passionate clients. In this podcast episode, Elder Law Attorney Jack Weyers (a presentation PRO) shares all of his winning strategies for effective presentations.

You’ll learn:

✅ Real examples of what to say in your presentation

✅ How to close your presentation

✅ How to avoid distractions that can side-rail your talk

✅ The ONE strategy that always works in engagement

Jack is giving away all of his best tips, so you don’t want to miss this one!

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Episode Summary

We’re talking with an accomplished elder law attorney who’s carved out a niche with his unconventional yet successful approach to conducting workshops. His distinct technique not only educates but also resonates with his audience.

The Power of Storytelling in Workshops

The attorney highlights the effectiveness of sharing relatable real-life stories during his workshops. An attendee remarked that while she’s attended numerous workshops, it was the storytelling method that helped her grasp the essence of estate planning.

Actionable Tip: Incorporate genuine, relatable stories into your presentations to make complex topics easily understandable.

Reaching Out Beyond the Legal Realm

He believes in the principle that a “confused mind says no.” By presenting information in a manner that avoids overwhelming legal jargon, he ensures his audience remains engaged and informed.

Actionable Tip: Always aim for clarity in your presentations. Avoid using overly technical or legalistic language.

Non-Attorneys Can Also Make Great Presenters

He mentions that even non-attorneys in his firm have successfully conducted workshops. One client service coordinator, despite not being a lawyer, delivered presentations that were well-received.

Actionable Tip: Consider having a charismatic and knowledgeable non-attorney member of your team lead workshops, as they may be perceived as more relatable to the audience.

Keep it Simple and Understandable

There’s wisdom in the advice he received: “Talk to everybody like they’re in the sixth grade.” Given that the average person reads at a sixth-grade level, this approach ensures that the message reaches a broad audience.

Actionable Tip: When crafting your workshop content, aim for simplicity and relatability. 

Relatability is Key

He emphasizes the importance of being relatable, both in workshops and in client interactions. By treating clients as fellow people rather than talking down to them, professionals can foster a sense of trust and mutual respect.

Actionable Tip: Always approach your clients or audience as peers. A genuine and down-to-earth demeanor can make your message more impactful.

The Dollar Story Illustration

The speaker uses a method called “dollar stories” to explain estate planning concepts. In this analogy, the two dollars represent any sum of money. How the money is held (e.g., individually, jointly, in a trust) determines how it can be used and how it’s protected.

Through these hypothetical situations, the speaker makes the complicated topic of estate planning relatable. From stories about potential marital disputes to protection against lawsuits, he paints vivid pictures to illustrate the power of asset protection.

Promises Made During Workshops

During workshops, three promises are made to attendees: they will learn a lot, they will have fun despite the serious subject matter, and the session will fly by quickly.

Actionable Tip: Always set expectations at the beginning of any presentation or workshop to manage attendee anticipation and improve satisfaction.

Significance of Workshops in Practice Growth

Workshops have a significant impact, serving as a valuable tool for practice growth. From a pool of attendees, a considerable portion often goes on to schedule further consultation meetings.

Actionable Tip: Use targeted marketing strategies to hone in on your ideal audience for better turnout and conversion rates.

The Impact of Storytelling on Engagement (The Key Ingredient)

Stories are crucial elements in workshops. Not only do they aid in relaying complex information, but they also serve as anchors during consultation sessions, helping recall important discussion points.

Actionable Tip: Integrate memorable stories into your presentations and correlate them with tangible takeaways or worksheets for attendees.

The Power of Personal Touch

There’s immense value in personalized interactions. From phone calls before the workshop to address attendee questions, to ensuring personalized folders during the event, these personal touches boost commitment and show attendees you truly care.

Actionable Tip: Incorporate personalized interactions and touches into your workflow. A simple phone call can significantly boost commitment and show genuine care.

Urgency in the Booking Process

Promotions, such as discounts, can be used to urge attendees to book further consultations. However, maintaining the sanctity of the consultation by not pressuring attendees into sales is equally important.

Actionable Tip: Create urgency using incentives but ensure to provide a pressure-free environment that fosters trust.

Follow-Up is Key

Post-workshop follow-ups, particularly through phone calls, play an essential role in conversion. While there may still be drop-offs, following up showcases the commitment and increases the chances of attendees taking the next step.

Actionable Tip: Always incorporate a follow-up system post-workshop. A personal touch, like a phone call, can make all the difference in turning an attendee into a client.

Harnessing Facebook for Business Outreach

Even if one isn’t personally active on Facebook, recognizing that your potential clientele might be is essential. The attorney admits to being pleasantly surprised by the success of using Facebook marketing.

Actionable Tip: Utilize Facebook marketing to connect with your target demographic, even if it’s outside of your personal comfort zone.

The Untapped Potential of Missed RSVPs

There’s great potential in reconnecting with individuals who initially showed interest but couldn’t attend. These individuals are already halfway there; they might just need a gentle nudge to cross the line.

Actionable Tip: Regularly follow up with those who RSVP but don’t show up to workshops, turning missed opportunities into potential leads.

The Art of Relatable Storytelling

The essence of successful workshops lies in the ability to share stories that resonate. Relatable anecdotes and experiences help simplify complex concepts and make them memorable.

Actionable Tip: Use real-life stories during workshops to foster better understanding and to humanize complex topics.

Understanding Generational Communication Preferences

While millennials might lean towards text messaging, older generations often appreciate the personal touch of a phone call.

Actionable Tip: Tailor your communication method based on the demographic you’re addressing, ensuring it aligns with their preferred mode of interaction.


To have a successful workshop, it’s important to communicate well, use modern ways to reach people, and tell good stories. Adjusting your methods to fit different groups helps build trust. Even as technology changes, mixing traditional methods with new ones is key to connect with and educate your audience.

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