The Nurture Email Sequence (Part 3)

(Part 3 of 3 in our email marketing series)

Part 1: Got someone’s email. Now what?
Part 2: The Sales Email Sequence

If you’ve been following our series, you know how many emails you should send and when. You also know all about the sales email sequence (if not, listen to part 2!). 

But what if you’ve sent all of your sales emails and they still haven’t made an appointment? That’s when you need a nurture sequence. Part 3 is all about how to build trust with potential clients via email using a nurture sequence.

We built out a free email sequence template (sales & nurture) to get you started! Download here.

Episode Transcript

This is part three of our three-part email strategy sequence. If you’re an elder law or estate planning attorney and if you have an email list, which everyone pretty much does, and you’re not sure what to email these people or if you’ve been listening to our previous episodes this segment is for you. 

If you don’t know what to send these contacts and if you don’t email them they’re gonna fall through the cracks. These are the people who download a freebie from your website give you their email address and never get contacted again. Now that we’re talking about the sequence introduced by Donald Miller through his book Marketing Made Simple. This stuff works, countless companies use this system and they swear by it. We use it and we know it works and our clients use it.

So we are going to talk about step two. In our previous episode, we talked about step one which was the first six emails every email contact should get from you when they give you their email address. All of these emails are very strategic, they’re short but they’re full of strategy. The first six emails we’re all about sales not too salesy but it’s about introducing yourself, promoting yourself, showing what you’re worth, and how you can help. 

After these first six emails are done then we move on to step two and that is what today’s episode is all about. Step two is the nurture sequence, we want to build trust and keep sending them valuable information that you know they’re having questions and need answers.

So that is what today’s episode is all about and thankfully you don’t even have to hire a copywriter because we’ve written emails for you. 

Welcome to elder law growth this is the place to be for all things marketing for elder law and estate planning attorneys. If you need the tools and skills this is the podcast for you to market your law firm without wasting any of your time. 

Hi I’m Amie Hearst, the marketing manager here at Bambiz and here in this episode we’re going to talk about building relationships with that email list of yours so let’s dive in. 

This is the nurture sequence. The nurture sequence is different from the sales sequence. So in this sequence, every email is less than 300 words we don’t want a wall of text because most people read at the sixth grade reading level. That is the easiest way for people to understand what you’re saying. Everything needs to be simple and short so keep that in mind when you’re doing these emails.

Resist the urge to add the fluff and keep your email short. Include that ps at the end with a CTA. You always want to have the next step in your emails to let them know, hey if you’re interested this is the next step you can take with me. 

Another thing is is to include anywhere between two and three links. Be as helpful as you  possibly can and don’t just help them with one topic. Help them with several topics and say,   yes this email is about Medicaid but in case you’re interested in trusts we just did a great video on trusts you should watch it.  

So you’ve already sent the first six emails and now you’re moving on to the nurture sequence because it takes eight to fifteen times to remind people to hire you. It takes eight to fifteen times points of contact to get someone to message you back or call you. It takes work but in your case, the work’s done for you.  

The first email in the nurture sequence is a personal one. This sparks curiosity when someone’s reading it and when they’re looking through their inbox and they see, thought this might help you. They’ll wonder, what might help me, what’s this video about? I kind of want to click on this.  

People will be more encouraged to click on it which of course that’s half the battle. It’s really difficult to get people’s attention to their emails.

The whole point is to make sure you are actually touching these people at least eight to 15 times. We have seven emails that we are using as an example, you can send more than that but I suggest not sending any less than seven.

Each email is a frequently asked question that you know your potential client is wondering. The subject line for example could be, “bank accounts should your kid be on yours”. You know people have actually asked you and it will capture their attention. Then they’ll be wondering, should my adult child be on mine.   

Of course, you can always edit this to your wording, this is just an example. So your subject line is the question, the frequently asked question, and you quickly answer it with a why. That way you’re educating them but then you’re also giving them the solution. 

If you’re not comfortable with giving out specific legal advice through email you don’t have to. After that, you address the question and give the solution. 

Email number three is another frequently asked question. For example, “Do I need to go broke to get Medicaid?”

That’s another big question so you give a really short answer and then you leave a couple of links. Make sure every email ends with a call to action. You want to make sure they know what to do next.

Email number four, it’s another frequently asked question, “Can I sell my house if it’s in a trust?” Answer the question and I’m sounding like a broken record. But you quickly answer the question in really simple terms, remember sixth grade reading level is what most people want. If you don’t know how to write at a sixth grade reading level, use Grammarly because it will help you make things easier and simpler.

That is one of the biggest drawbacks, when you’re writing your own content as an attorney, is that you need to get into that sixth grade mindset. 

You are getting the ideas but the most popular emails are the celebrity emails. People love to learn about people that they grew up watching, like Joan Rivers. So include them in your email marketing. You can tweak any of these emails we provided to your own liking. You want to make yourself look like the hero and the knowledgeable person who just wants to help. That’s what this is all about, it’s about building that trust.

If you want to learn more about marketing feel free to visit our website Thanks for listening to the elder law growth podcast, the place to be for all things marketing for elder law and estate planning law firms. If you liked this podcast please leave us a review wherever you are listening. And if you’d like to outsource your marketing to our team go to and book a free call with us today.

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