The #1 website MISTAKE you can make

We work with Elder Law and Estate Planning attorneys all over the U.S. It’s safe to say we have seen a LOT of websites.

Unfortunately, the #1 mistake we see over and over is this:
Confusing website

The website is confusing. Any distraction or barrier you put in a potential client’s way costs you money.

Potential clients only care about one thing: Can you help me solve my problem and how do I purchase the solution?

Our Bambiz websites do this:

So, what’s the secret sauce?

  1. Make the POTENTIAL CLIENT the hero of your website. Use story-telling techniques to speak directly to them about their problems, and how your firm can help. Just like a book, a great website is about the reader, not the writer.

  2. START with the END goal in mind. Always plan out your Call to Action (CTA) items that get potential clients to take a “next step” and engage with your practice.

Our websites attract your ideal client and make it easy for them to become a customer.

It’s time to upgrade your website from a business card to a sales tool.

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