Elder Law Growth Podcast: The Story Behind the Story (Episode 2)

Does your firm have a story? Do you have a personal story?

People connect with stories more than anything else, so it is important for you to make sure you cultivate a story about yourself and your practice that connects with your potential clients.

There must be more of a focus on “why” you are in this field of practice as opposed to “how” you are in this field. Inside your digital assets such as your website, Facebook page, YouTube page, etc., this story has to be compelling, consistent and captivating.

Remember – people buy based on emotion and justify it with logic. Clients will retain you as their attorney based on the emotion you can evoke in them – whether it is pain or pleasure – and they will justify that decision based on the math inside of the money you can save them or the life changes you can affect by helping them.

When it comes to telling your story, practice makes perfect and emotion rules.

How can you cultivate your story to be more compelling, consistent and captivating to your audience, both within the digital and offline space?

Episode Transcript

Welcome to the Elder Law Growth Podcast! We are on a mission to help elder law and estate planning firms grow their practices through digital marketing so they can help create a lasting legacy for families everywhere. No one should pass away without a solid plan in place and everyone should be able to age with dignity.

My name is Dan Hafner and I will be your host for this podcast. I want to thank you all for joining whether this is your first time with us or you have tuned into an episode previously, welcome to the show!

Today, we will be talking about the story behind the story. Let’s start by looking at this from a high level, we are in a plane looking down from 30,000 feet. The elder law and estate planning industry is not something people always seek out. When you see tv commercials or super bowl commercials those businesses have something that captures your attention, whether that is a jingle, a story, or they have built brand recognition.

So, the question to ask yourself is if your brand, your practice, has something similar. Can people always recognize you by your brand? Looking at this from the perspective of a potential customer, they want their problem solved. Maybe they have assets to protect or they have nursing home costs they need to repair, whatever it may be they want to know they are working with someone they can trust.

Your potential customers want to know why you do what you do. If people ask me how I got into podcasting I would tell them the story about how I started my business and why I wanted to start a podcast. People want to know the story behind the story. Not the story of what your business is and how you help people but there is another story behind that. 

A good example of this is superheroes. While I haven’t always read the comics or followed along I have seen enough of the movies to know their formula. Consider Superman or Batman for example. They start off with the backstory, you likely wouldn’t have a connection to them if they didn’t. You know where they came from and why they act like they do now.

The same thing applies to your business, people need to understand why you do what you do. Was there a tragedy that happened in your family was there a state fiasco when your parent or loved one passed away. Maybe you were practicing a different type of law and you moved into Estate Planning and Elder Law. Whatever happened there is a story that is going to help people make a personal connection with you. 

Now it might turn some people off but that’s okay, not everyone will be your client. You want to connect with the right people which is why the process of telling your story is important. Being consistent, purposeful, and clear about what your story is will help attract the clients you want. This is true for not just Elder Law and Estate Planning Firms but other businesses as well. 

Remember it’s about the why not the how, people don’t necessarily care how you got into the business they want to hear the story that goes with the why. The emotionally charged backstory is what will resonate with people.

When we think about this within the digital marketing space you want to make sure your story is synonymous across platforms so people recognize and know whether you are a person they want to engage with or not. If they like what you are saying and it resonates with them, they are more likely to become a client.

Ultimately you want to portray yourself as the expert solution to your potential clients problem. People buy with emotion and justify with logic so it’s logical that they need help with their estate plan but they are going to choose an attorney because of emotion. That story that you shared was emotionally charged and connects with them on a deeper level. 

This is where you are going to get more consultations that lead to clients or webinars that convert people into consultations and actual clients. This is the secret sauce to growing your business and getting more clients. Be clear, upfront, and real in the story that you are sharing on your website or your social media. 

Practical things that you can take away from this are to make sure your story is in alignment, is your website statics and case wins or is it an actual story, and many sure everything is synonymous. Your story should be easily seen on your website, your social media, through emails, and any other digital assets you have.

Your brand message should be consistent so no matter where potential clients are they recognize you. While telling your story might get boring to you, keep in mind that you will be bored of it way before your potential clients will be. There are always new people coming into your audience who may have never heard your story before.

Even though we are focused on the digital aspects of your online presence you can use this in offline methods as well. Maybe a newspaper, direct mail, or even a tv commercial. The main takeaway is to get clear on your story and practice it. 

That’s all for this episode, as always I appreciate you joining. You can always check out bambiz.net or elderlawgrowthpodcast.com for more information and show notes. Please subscribe if you haven’t already. We appreciate any reviews or shares to anyone you know who might benefit from our content.  Join us next week for another episode. It’s been a pleasure, Dan Hafner signing off. Talk to you next time.

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