9 Simple Tips for Attorneys to Create Standout YouTube Videos

Are you looking to share your knowledge with the world, reach potential clients, and grow your law practice? If you answered “yes”, then YouTube is the place to be! 

This exciting platform is a gold mine for attorneys specializing in elder law and estate planning. But remember, simply making a video isn’t enough. 

You need to create videos that grab attention, keep viewers hooked, and deliver value in a clear, relatable way. 

To help you ace your YouTube game, here are nine super helpful tips:

1. Keep Your Videos Short and Sweet

One of the key aspects to bear in mind while creating YouTube content is brevity. The fast-paced world of today has considerably shortened attention spans.

People prefer quick, concise, and to-the-point content. 

Aim for videos that are under five minutes long, ensuring your message is conveyed effectively without losing viewer interest.

2. Use Everyday Language

Understanding your audience is fundamental in content creation. As an attorney, you might be used to legal jargon — but it’s crucial to remember that your viewers may not be.

To communicate your message clearly, use everyday language that everyone can follow. 

This makes your content relatable, easy to comprehend, and engaging for a wider audience.

3. Ensure Good Sound & Lighting

In video content, sound and lighting can significantly impact the viewer’s experience.

If viewers can’t hear you properly because of background noise, or see you clearly because of poor lighting, they’ll quickly lose interest. So, make sure you have the right equipment and are seen and heard clearly in your videos.

4. Create a Script

Organization is key in producing quality content. Preparing a script before filming helps maintain a logical flow, ensuring all key points are covered.

It keeps you on track, eliminates any chances of rambling, and helps you deliver a comprehensive, well-structured video.

5. Always Film Horizontally (for YouTube)

The orientation of your video plays a significant role in its visual appeal.

For YouTube videos, it’s recommended to always film horizontally. (Turn your camera sideways!) This format ensures that your videos look professional and visually appealing on all devices and platforms.

6. Introduce Yourself and Your Firm at the Beginning

At the start of each video, take a moment to introduce yourself and your firm.

This not only helps viewers understand who you are and what you do but also creates a personal connection, making your videos more engaging.

7. Always Have a Call to Action

A call to action (CTA) prompts your viewers to engage further with your law firm.

It could be an invitation to subscribe to your channel, visit your website, or follow your social media accounts. Always conclude your video with a CTA to encourage further interaction.

8. Record Multiple Videos at Once

Recording several videos in one go is a time-efficient approach that ensures a consistent content output. This means you’ll always have content ready to share with your viewers. It keeps your channel active and helps you stay ahead of your content schedule.

9. Change Locations Occasionally

Adding variety to your videos keeps them fresh and exciting. Consider changing your filming locations occasionally to avoid monotony and to provide a visually different setting for your viewers. This tactic adds an element of surprise and helps keep your audience engaged and looking forward to your next video.


These nine tips: keeping videos short, using everyday language, ensuring good sound and lighting, creating a script, filming horizontally, introducing yourself and your firm, having a call to action, recording multiple videos at once, and changing locations occasionally, are all steps in the right direction towards creating engaging, high-quality YouTube content.

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