How to make a simple landing page for your law firm

✅ Get More Leads with an Optimized Landing Page

 🛬 Your landing page is the first impression potential clients get of your elder law or estate planning firm. Make sure it’s a good one! Here are some tips to optimize your landing page and get more leads.

In the video above, Brandon takes you through what a landing page is, why you need one, and how to keep it simple.  

Generate leads for your elder law practice through landing pages

Do you ever wonder why your landing pages are not capturing leads? 

Today, we’ll discuss why your law firm’s landing page doesn’t need to be complicated. When potential prospects click on your Facebook advertising they’re taken to a corresponding landing page (Also see: {Actual client screenshots} Attorney Facebook ad campaigns)

There are many different landing pages, but all have one goal: to encourage visitors to take action. Landing pages can effectively market your law practice.

Primarily if you focus on elder law or estate planning, a well-designed landing page can help your firm capture prospects and convert them into clients. However, you’ll need to include critical elements to create a page that converts into legal marketing.

The 4 elder law marketing strategies for landing page creation

Strategy #1: Attract with a relevant headline

Three of every 100 people who click your advertising will provide their contact information. So you want to make the most of your landing page? Your landing page needs to be simple and distraction-free. First, ensure your headline is attention-grabbing and relevant to your target audience. 

A good headline would be “RSVP Now for This Free Value-packed Elder Law and Estate Planning and Asset Protection Workshop.” This is relevant and attention-grabbing. An example of a lousy headline would be “Elder Law and Estate Planning 101.” This is pretty and seems incredible, but it doesn’t grab anybody’s attention in a good way. 

Next, include a brief but compelling description of your offering.

Strategy #2: Highlight your legal services

Use high-level bulleted and easy-to-read information about your elder law services offering, and provide all the information a customer needs to register for your offer. This is not the place to copy and paste your blog articles. In fact, your landing page should be completely separate from your website or LinkedIn. They should be able to quickly browse topics.

Strategy #3: Gather information

When asking for information, only ask for the information you need. Asking for too much information, including addresses, gets overwhelming and reduces the chance that your form will be completed. For example, if you’re hosting a workshop, you may want their name, phone, email, and event dates/times.

Strategy #4: Be clear with the layout

Make it easy for visitors to take action by making buttons noticeable; they should pop. This includes, even if you’re going against your color scheme, we don’t want someone having to figure out what they need to do. We wanna make it clear because if not, they’ll probably leave. You’ve been there at some point. Also, too many images or texts can overwhelm potential leads and cause them to exit your page without taking action.

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Start making landing pages

Our landing pages at Bambiz use tested marketing methods to improve your conversion rates and bring new business. Spending money on online marketing will help you make a name and potentially increase revenue.

Trust us, we know it’s difficult to network and gain referrals on a digital platform. However, our expertise and marketing tactics have successfully created and published landing pages for many Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorneys  This includes their workshops, webinars, and free guides — also called lead magnets. (Also see: The lawyer’s guide to legal marketing in 2022). 

When marketing to your target audience, such as boomers and seniors, landing pages are great ways attorneys can use their knowledge base to connect with and provide insight to those seeking the right tools. Use them to leverage their digital ads and to help potential clients provide their contact information.

Check out our workshops and webinars options. Here we walk you through our 4 step process to fill online webinars or in-person workshops with high quality attendees ready to use your services.

Have your law firm start the conversation

In conclusion, your landing page doesn’t need to be complicated to attract. Keep it simple with a clear headline, concise copy, noticeable buttons, and a call to action for the right audience. It’s essential to make sure you’re seeking the information you need. Last but not least, you’ll want to ensure it is responsive to mobile devices because that’s where most potential leads will be seeing your ads and landing pages. 

As a professional in your practice area, how will you improve your law firm’s digital marketing strategy to reach prospective clients? Follow these tips step-by-step, and you can create a landing page that captures more leads.

We want to help you have a landing page that converts. We also want to help you improve your SEO ranking and online visibility to improve your digital marketing (Also see: Does SEO matter for my law firm?)

It’s time to schedule your free 15-minute call with us today to see how we can help. Our marketing plus and marketing pro services include advertising and landing page creation for estate planning and elder law lawyers. We optimize your ad campaigns and landing pages to generate leads.

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