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Should Elder Law Attorneys Outsource Work to Save Money?

by Nov 5, 2018Growing Law Practice

Effective marketing and advertising draw in new clients for your firm. 

Therefore, it only makes sense that a significant portion of your budget should be spent on those items.

Large and small law firms differ in their finances when it comes to marketing. 

Small businesses tend to have smaller budgets than larger businesses.

This doesn’t mean, however, that a small law firm should focus any less on generating new clients by spending a portion of their budget on marketing and advertising. 

A smaller budget simply means that it is even more important to spend that budget wisely.

1. The DIY Route to Attorney Marketing

Tackling advertising and marketing yourself may appear to save you money but let’s look at the math. 

If your firm charges $5,000 for a basic estate plan and it takes 10 hours to produce, you are generating income at a rate of $500 per hour. 

Spending 4 hours per week on marketing activities would effectively “cost” you $2,000 per week or $8,000 per month.

Are you effective enough marketer to generate income at $500 per hour doing those activities?

Using someone that already has those skills could save you thousands of dollars.

2. Hiring Someone In-House

Effectively marketing your business to the right customer requires specialized experience and knowledge. 

When hiring someone in-house to handle your marketing, consider all of the financial and non-financial factors involved. 

These include salary, benefits, vacation and sick time, amount of time it will take to onboard and train, and the understanding that the person is employed-at-will and could choose to resign at any time.

3. Advantages of Choosing to Outsource

A huge benefit to outsourcing your marketing and advertising is that you only pay for services that you need.

You won’t incur the expenses of hiring someone in-house and you won’t have the long learning curve of going the DIY route. 

You have direct access to someone that is already an expert in their field and can get started immediately.

In Conclusion

Growing a law firm isn’t easy. You have to handle your current caseload, manage the day to day business side of the operation, and still attempt to bring in new clients to guarantee the firm’s future success. 

By outsourcing the tasks that take you away from your clients, you can put your full attention on your current clients while letting an expert grow your bottom line. 

Outsourcing your marketing with the right organization can help you save time, become more efficient, and make money.

To learn more about how we can help grow your business using online marketing, schedule a free 15-minute call with us.



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Jim Blake

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