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We fill workshops for Elder Law & Estate Planning Attorneys.

You'll connect with high-quality potential clients that are ready to use your services, and see better ROI than direct mail or newspaper ads.

Attorneys, are you trying to....

We can help with that.

Since 2016, Bambiz has worked with Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorneys to fill their workshops and webinars.

Everything from creating your ads, setting up landing pages, editing your images and videos, providing you real-time reporting on all registrants, and generating authentic interest and engagement from your ideal clients is included. 

Whether you want to fill a room with 10 people or 100, we’ve got you covered.

Workshops Webinars

Here's what's included:

Professionally Managed Ad Campaign

Dream Client Targeting

Instant Notifications

Constant Tweaking and Testing

Our 4 step process

These are the steps we take to build a successful workshop or webinar marketing campaign for your law practice.

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Step 1: Build

We build a professional marketing campaign for your practice.

We start by using paid Facebook Ads to get you in front of qualified potential clients with your offer.

What’s your offer? It can be…

There are two things that are critically important when creating a social media ad campaign: capturing attention and targeting the right audience

Step 2: Registration

When someone clicks on your ad with your offer, they go to a registration page. 

In the marketing world, we call this a landing page.

Bambiz Elder Law & Estate planning marketing landing page

Our landing pages are constantly tested and tweaked, so they maintain the highest possible conversion rate, saving you money.

Step 3: Confirm

Immediately after the potential client enters their contact information on your landing page, they receive an email that comes from your practice, with details of your event.

Your firm also receives an email with the person’s contact information and a link to a Google sheet with all of your registrants.

Bambiz Elder Law & Estate planning marketing email confirmation example
Workshops Webinars

Immediate follow up is a critical step to building trust and turning leads into clients.

Step 4: Follow-up

Step 4 is where we pass the baton to you, and your sales process begins.

Workshops Webinars

When you work with us, we provide you with a guide to get started. It includes a two-week lead follow-up schedule, verbiage to use during each interaction, a sample presentation template, and a seminar evaluation form.

Greg found the solution he was looking for.

It's your turn.

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Elder Law & Estate Planning Workshop Questions

Workshops Webinars

Will people that registered online actually show up to my workshop?

Yes! We have filled hundreds of attorney workshops with thousands of attendees, all using online marketing.

Here are the best practices that will ensure your attendees actually show up to your event:

At Bambiz, we provide you with exact instructions how to follow up with attendees. You’ll receive a two-week lead follow-up schedule (phone, text, and email) and the exact verbiage to use during each interaction.

Schedule a free call with us to learn more or get started today.

Will my workshop attendees actually turn into paying clients?

Yes. The attorneys we work with, on average, turn 40-50% of the people in the room into paying clients.

During your workshop, it is essential to set the expectation upfront that you will make commitments to your attendees in terms of education. In return, you expect them to complete the evaluation form and schedule a consultation if they think it’s appropriate.

Make sure you bring your appointment book and are scheduling consultations at the workshop while you have a captive, interested audience.

Schedule a free call with us to learn more or get started today.

Workshops Webinars
Seniors eating dinner

Do I need to serve a meal at my workshop or seminar?

No, you do not need to serve a  full meal. You don’t want to attract people that are only there to get a free meal. 

The downfall in offering a free breakfast, lunch, or dinner, is people will feel pressured into a next step only because they received something for free. That isn’t the type of uncomfortable environment you want to create and likely won’t result in an ideal client. 

The goal is for the attendee to feel that they enjoyed the presentation, learned a few things, and genuinely liked you and your philosophy. Now that they learned about who you are and what you do, they want to engage with you.

Instead of a full meal, most of our clients opt to provide light refreshments such as water, coffee, soft drinks, and/or tea. Small bakery items or finger snacks can also add a nice touch, and are relatively inexpensive.

Schedule a free call with us to learn more or get started today.

Workshops Webinars

This free guide includes the best practices you need to know if you are hosting Elder Law or Estate Planning workshops.

Workshop & Webinar FAQs

We recommend holding 1-2 workshops per month.

Be conscious of the volume of workshops you host and how it will impact your ability to manage your current caseload. Give yourself time in between events to follow up with clients from the previous event.

You may find it beneficial to stick to a set workshop schedule, such as the second and fourth week of every month.

Check out our “How to Have a Successful Workshop video” for more tips.

Tuesday and Thursday have proven to be the best days of the week for our clients.

The best time is early evening, around 5:00pm. The second best time is early afternoon, around 1:00pm.

If you are targeting seniors, they will be available in the daytime hours and prefer driving before dark. Adult children are more inclined to attend an evening or weekend workshop, as they are usually working during the day.

Every market is different, so we recommend trying a few different dates and times to see what works best in your area.

Check out our “How to Have a Successful Workshop video” for more tips.

We have all seen the direct mail pieces offering a luxurious steak dinner to in exchange for sitting through XYZ’s presentation. Maybe you have even tried this method yourself, and that’s okay!

The downfall in offering a meal at your event is people will feel pressured into a next step only because they received something for free. That isn’t the type of uncomfortable environment you want to create and likely won’t result in an ideal client.

The goal is for the attendee to feel that they enjoyed the presentation, learned a few things, and genuinely liked you and your philosophy. Now that they learned about who you are and what you do, they want to engage with you.

Instead of a full meal, most of our clients opt to provide light refreshments such as water, coffee, soft drinks, and/or tea. Small bakery items or finger snacks can also add a nice touch, and are relatively inexpensive.

The number of people in the room isn’t as important as your ability to communicate and create relationships with them. The goal is to gain the attendees’ trust and understanding on how you can help them accomplish their goals. That’s when they hire you.

That being said, our clients host workshops ranging from 10 people in their firm’s conference room to over 100 people in hotel ballrooms.

A good starting point is having 20-30 people in a room. That is a comfortable number that you can control.

After working with clients across the country, we have noticed that the choice of venue doesn’t make a significant difference. Our elder law clients have hosted events everywhere from Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse to their public library, and we have found that the cost per registration and quality of person attending is almost identical.

For that reason, we recommend using venues that your target demographic (adult children and their senior parents) will be comfortable and familiar with, that are also easy on your budget.

Your local library or community center are great options. If your firm has a conference room that is appropriate for a workshop, that can be a good place to start.

If your library or community center won’t work, consider a limited service hotel such as a Hampton Inn, Marriott Courtyard, Hyatt Place, etc.

The number one thing to keep in mind when selecting a venue is accessibility. Look for locations with plenty of parking close to the entrance of the building. Your event space should be on the ground level, or have easy elevator access. Also ensure that there are clean restrooms available.

You can use a response form. You should have several handouts for the attendees including a firm brochure, presentation notes (optional), and an evaluation form.

Give attendees time to complete the evaluation form before the end of the session. This is an important part of the booking process at the close of the workshop. Make sure one of your team members collects the form from each attendee before they leave.

In addition to collecting feedback about the presentation, you can ask key questions on this form such as:On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being most urgent), how urgent is your need to put a plan in place for you, your spouse, or loved one’s care?”  That helps you prioritize your new potential clients and get a sense of how your presentation could be adjusted to increase urgency in the future. 

We provide our Bambiz clients a sample evaluation form to use at their workshops.

Begin with the end goal in mind. You can structure your workshop like this:

  • Introduce yourself and tell the audience there’s no way a single workshop could cover everything there is to know. Each person’s situation is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why you provide a free initial meeting to workshop attendees (if you offer this).
  • Prime the audience at the beginning of the workshop. Let them know that you will stop about 20 minutes before the event ends to ensure there’s enough time to schedule everyone for their meeting.
  • This gets them thinking about when they would want to schedule their meeting, and what questions they have for you.
  • Your supporting team member should visit each attendee towards the end of the meeting to collect the evaluation forms and schedule consultations.

Read more in this blog: How to Turn Estate Planning Seminar Attendees into Consultations

When someone registers for your workshop or webinar, you must follow up with him or her as quickly as possible.

With Bambiz’s system, you are immediately notified of each new workshop or webinar registrant via email. They also go on a spreadsheet that your firm can access 24/7. 

The registrant immediately receives an email confirmation outlining the event information.

Now, your law firm takes over. Make it a priority to confirm the attendee’s registration within 24 hours via phone. That quick turnaround will increase the likelihood of them showing up at your event. Getting them on the phone is essential for conversion from registrant to attendee.

At a minimum for a live workshop, you should make contact via phone within 24 hours of registration and again 1 day before the event.

For a webinar, you should enroll them into a 2-week sequence that includes calls, emails, and text messages. 

To guide you through the process, we provide our Bambiz clients with sample follow up scripts.

Block out your schedule the day after your workshop to send attendees a thank you note, through email or regular mail. (This can also be delegated to a trusted staff member).

It lets your attendees know that they are noticed. Use the attendee’s responses on their evaluation form you collected to address any pain points. Besides just sending a thank you note, make an active effort to call and set up appointments with anyone who did not sign up during the event.

The longer you wait, the less interested a potential client will be down the road.

You have the option to extend the special workshop-only discount (if applicable) over the phone if they book right then.

Your ad budget goes hand in hand with your registration goals.

First, think about how many households you would like to have registered for your upcoming event.

You will then multiply that number by the advertising cost per registration.

The cost per registration varies widely depending on: your geographic area (rural or metropolitan) and the competition in your area.

On average, it costs around $60 in ad spend to get someone to register for an Elder Law or Estate Planning Workshop. That average considers rural areas (less expensive) and metropolitan areas (more expensive). Your actual registration cost will be higher or lower, based on the mentioned factors. Our team can give a more accurate estimate during your first meeting with us.

For example, if you want 30 households to register for your event, you would multiply that number by the $60 average. That gives you an ad budget of $1,800 for that single event date and time.

What if you plan to host two events on the same day at different times?

You double that budget to accommodate both events. That would give you 60 registrations between the two events, and your ad budget estimate is $3,600.

You can use this basic principle to estimate your ad budget, and it scales based on your goals, whether you are hoping for 15 registrations or 50.

Note that ad costs are paid directly to Facebook and are in addition to Bambiz’s pricing. Bambiz receives no compensation for the amount spent on ads.

All of our Bambiz clients go through a four step onboarding process where we collect a few items from you.

These include access to your Facebook page so we can post ads on your behalf, a short invitation video that we can use for your campaign, and providing us with your event information.

Once we have all of your onboarding items, it takes 3-5 business days to build your campaign.

For optimal performance, we recommend 2 to 2.5 weeks to market your event. This time allows us time to optimize your campaign and get you the best possible results.

You are always welcome to submit your dates further in advance, and we will launch your campaign at the appropriate time. 

For new Bambiz clients, we recommend starting service with us 3 to 3.5 weeks before your event. That allows us time to properly onboard you before launching the campaign in our ideal 2 to 2.5 week window.

Our Marketing Pricing

Workshops & Webinars are available with Marketing Plus or Marketing Pro.

Bambiz Marketing Essentials

Save hours on your marketing every month without spending a ton of money.

Bambiz Marketing Plus

Marketing Plus

For law firms looking to fill their workshops and webinars, or improve their SEO.

Bambiz Marketing Pro

Marketing Pro

Done-for-you solution that includes a complete marketing team, for the price of a single employee.

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Fill in-person workshops or online webinars with high-quality attendees ready to hire you.

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Build recognition, nurture relationships, and create a community using the power of YouTube and social media.

Email Campaigns & Newsletters

Consistent communication is key when it comes to establishing trust and rapport with your audience.

Website Design

Clarify your message and turn more web visitors into paying clients. Capture more leads with an optimized, well-designed website.


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