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Why a “Real” Person Needs to Answer the Phone

by Dec 21, 2018Growing Law Practice

Do you have more first interactions with potential clients over the phone, rather than in person?

Not too long ago, there was a time that when an attorney met a potential client for the first time, the meeting would happen face to face.

Conventional wisdom was that because an attorney-client relationship is very personal, having a face to face meeting was the best way to foster that relationship.

Adapting to Technology

With so many technological advances now in play, these face to face meetings are not as common. Many first interactions with a potential client take place either through email or over the phone.

However, just because these meetings don’t take place in person, you should never discount the importance of the first few minutes on the phone with a potential client.

This is why you should have a “real” person, not an automated system, greet potential clients over the phone:

Eye-Opening Phone Statistics

67% of potential clients hang up the phone when they don’t get to speak to a real person.

Then, 75% of potential clients believe it takes too long to reach a live person.

Of the callers who reach an automated answering service, 72% of them will hang up without leaving a message.

And those interviewed admitted to forming an impression about the firm within the first seven seconds of phone contact.

With these statistics, it is clear to see why that first phone call is vitally important when a face to face meeting isn’t possible.

Try Using Technology with a Human Touch

Although an automated phone system can be efficient, it is very impersonal and can ultimately drive away potential clients.

While you need to have a system in place that won’t take away from your time and work as an attorney.

It’s imperative that you work to ensure that your potential clients are slipping through the cracks of an automatic phone system.

In Conclusion

These tips will help you continue to grow your practice during all year long!

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Jim Blake

Jim Blake

Founder/CEO Bambiz

Jim’s mission with Bambiz is to help Elder Law and Estate Planning attorneys get more clients and grow their business.  He was awarded the Tampa Bay Business Journal Top Up and Comer Under 30 and is a Certified Digital Marketer.  Jim is also passionate about running and fitness, having completed over 26 full marathons in three continents.

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