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Being active on social media accounts is a great way to reach current and potential clients. One of the easiest ways to achieve that is with automation and a variety of other tools.

In the video above, Jim goes through how to make sure your Elder Law or Estate planning firm is posting enough on your firm’s social media. It’s easy to get started. 

How to make sure your elder law or estate planning firm is posting enough on social media

Many attorneys at elder law practices want to bring in new clients and grow those practices. As a result, they use social media in their daily lives. Still, they don’t know how to incorporate their social media accounts into their legal marketing efforts.

If you have questions about social media or elder law marketing for your practice, Bambiz can help. We use the latest social media marketing tools so you can communicate the value of estate planning to potential clients and demonstrate the core benefits of your firm’s services.

Why every Attorney needs a social media strategy

Modern law firms need a social media presence as part of their digital marketing efforts. Consumers actively search for what they want. If you want to retain elder law clients, you should be using social media. Every law firm from large multi-location establishments down to the solo practitioners can use social media to:

  • Keep current customers informed
  • Welcome new and prospective clients
  • Reach out to prospective clients and cultivate new business
  • Maintain a positive relationship with the community
  • Establish a brand image that is knowledgeable, tech-savvy, and dedicated

Using social media platforms as part of your effective marketing strategy

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter share certain features, like the ability to post and share content. However, each social media channel has distinguishing characteristics and focuses on different kinds of communication.

A comprehensive elder law firm marketing tactic should capitalize on the strengths of each platform so that they work together to guide your target audience to the appropriate next step.

  • Facebook is a personal and rich channel for communication. Attorneys can use Facebook to establish their firm as a compassionate, reassuring presence in the community.
  • Twitter is a helpful platform for content marketing since Twitter users are often looking for short, punchy messages that inform, enlighten, or evoke emotion. Linking to high-quality content can give your law firm a reputation for resourcefulness and innovation.
  • YouTube is a perfect vehicle for longer, more in-depth communication. As a result, YouTube users tend to avoid marketing. Instead, they search YouTube for content that will inform, inspire, and engage them.


Consider how your prospective clients could benefit from:

  • Explanations of terms from your practice area in plain language
  • Commentary regarding popular TV shows and movies that focus on law firms or estate planning
  • An introduction to a new service you are providing
  • Testimonials from satisfied clients

The general public often does not know what estate planning lawyers do or appreciate their value until a loved one passes away. Law firms that leverage a little marketing savvy to educate their audience ahead of time will reap the benefits of brand loyalty.

Instagram is important for temporary communication, pictures, memes, and announcements that capture the moment. But don’t overlook the power of images to win over your audience. Read: Does my law firm need Instagram?

A Google Business Profile (formally Google My Business) is a great way to present your elder law and estate planning firm as a local business and boost your SEO. Read: How to optimize your Google Business Profile.

If a potential client finds your GBP profile, they probably want to know more about your law firm, its services, and how it stands out from other businesses. So keep your website URL, contact info, and credentials up to date.

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Social media tools that should be part of your elder law marketing

Automated schedulers

A social media scheduler like Heropost or Hootsuite allows you to research, pre-plan and schedule content at the right place and time to:

  • Complement the content strategy for your website
  • Coordinate your marketing efforts across platforms
  • Focus on timely and relevant content

Web analytics and SEO

Web analytics tools like Google Search Console help you understand who is visiting your website. 

They can measure the success of search engine optimization, make sure you are targeting the right audience, and evaluate the success of your law firm website.

Post at least a few times a week to “look alive.”

Suppose you neglect your blog, social media accounts, YouTube channel, or other aspects of an online presence. Potential clients might assume that your practice is defunct or no longer seeking new clients. To avoid this misconception, keep posting to each platform every few days. Read: How to write high ranking blog content.

Link to relevant websites and encourage backlinks

The internet gains its power from its ability to connect people. So don’t let your website be an unreachable island. Connect to organizations, notable individuals, online resources, and others your clients might appreciate. Encourage other websites to link to your website to draw more traffic through local citations. Read: What the heck is a local citation?

A website with recent, relevant, and shareable content will rank higher in search engine results and appear more frequently in organic listings.

Getting an effective social media marketing campaign for your law firm

If you’re an elder law attorney or estate planner who needs a more extensive online marketing presence, Bambiz is here to help.

We develop strategies for marketing your elder law firm that generate traffic, improve how your business ranks on search engines, win you more clients, and maintain a fresh, engaging web presence.

Our daily social media content focuses on the 45 to 65+ year age (adult children and senior) demographic, and is included in all of our marketing packages

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