Estate Planning Social Media Posts: What should I post and where?

Content is king. You’ve heard that before, but not all content is created equal.

Every social media platform has its own audience, and to optimize your reach with that audience, you need to know what content performs best on each and how to optimize your presence on each channel.

Here is our guide for how law firms build their brand and engage their audience in each place:

What should I post on my Estate Planning firm's Facebook page?

Infographics, Short-form content, Behind-The-Scenes, and Videos

In a nutshell, this is the prime platform for Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorneys.

This is the platform where you want to build your brand and engage your audience.

Although videos typically get the most engagement, high-quality educational written content comes at a close second.

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FAQ’s, educational guides, infographics, summaries of hot topics, and introductions to your team are great to post on this platform.

Behind-the-Scenes content can include images of your firm such as photos from office events, photos of your attorneys and staff, and even bloopers of your videos.

What should I post on my Estate Planning firm's Instagram?

High-Resolution Photos, Stories, Quotes, and Office Culture

This is a platform where you want to show your experience and expertise, but do it in a way that is interactive and engaging.

Instagram Stories is a great way to make announcements, poll your audience, post offers that are time-sensitive, and repost general user content.

This can be a great recruitment tool as well, especially if you are hoping to recruit a younger crowd. Share photos of employees enjoying themselves at company events, for example, can encourage them to join your practice.

What should I post on my Estate Planning or Elder Law Firm's Twitter?

Curated News, GIF’s, and Blog Posts

This is a platform that people rely on to get news.

Studies show that some 40% of people say they use Twitter to keep up on breaking news. This means it is a great place to share news about your firm, current events, or news about your industry.

What should I post on my Estate Planning or Elder Law Firm's LinkedIn?

Jobs, Virtual Events, Company News, and Professional Content

This platform is the best place to post career-based news.

People use LinkedIn for finding job openings, and it is a perfect spot for a law firm to share their accomplishments, what the team likes about working at your firm, and other company culture.

You can also host webinars directly using the LinkedIn Events platform.

What should I post on my Estate Planning or Elder Law Firm's YouTube?

Educational Deep Dives

Educational videos and those that are informative or cover trends perform best on YouTube.

Rather than lengthy videos, consider taking a complicated legal issue and break it down into easy-to-understand videos.

What should I post on my Estate Planning or Elder Law Firm's Pintrest?

Step-by-Step and Infographics

This is a very visual platform and that means it doesn’t work well for every industry. However, you should still try to have a presence there.

Vertical images, like infographics, perform well on Pinterest. Photo guides are also very popular.

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Whichever platform you choose, be sure that you are working to create content that will represent your brand and engage your audience. The time and money you spend to reach your audience will be time well spent.

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