{Video} Overcoming Objections

You’ve had a great, productive conversation with a potential client when suddenly they begin showing signs of doubt:

  • They aren’t ready to move forward yet
  • They have to take some time to think about it
  • They need to discuss it with their spouse
  • They can’t afford it right now.

Do those sound familiar?

The list above are some of the most common objections, but luckily they can all usually be traced back to one primary source.

Watch the video below where we walk through it.

Getting an objection like this usually means that you have not effectively communicated the value of your services. 

It’s not that people can’t afford your services, it’s that they need to be convinced that it is a worthy investment of their hard-earned money.

Overcoming objections is as simple as digging a little bit deeper to understand where the miscommunication was during your conversation.

Learning some basic sales techniques will help you navigate these objections, and even avoid them in the future. Remember to clearly communicate the value that your services provide. 

It’s hard to put a price on peace of mind. Helping potential clients understand how this investment will benefit them and their families is the key to winning them over.


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