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Marketing for elder law can be difficult. And unfortunately, there’s very little advice available on the internet for this specific niche.

However, it can be helpful to identify the pitfalls of marketing in general, because these pitfalls can really make a difference in how effective your elder law marketing tactics work.

Here are the 5 most common pitfalls to avoid:

#1: Failure to commit – 
One of the biggest problems with most marketing plans is the lack of commitment, especially in the elder law business. If you begin to doubt your plan and abandon it before it has time to mature and start performing well, you have wasted time and money.

Instead of derailing on your plan early on, consider networking with other attorneys who have been successful with their marketing. This will help you stay committed and eliminate your doubt.

#2: Marketing services that aren’t marketable – 
While this may seem obvious to some people, it is a fact that not all services are highly marketable. You want to market services that will give you an easy entrance into a new client relationship.

#3: Failure to tailor your services to your locale – 
You need to learn what type of marketing works in your area. What works in suburban California may not work the same in rural Tennessee, for example. Try to gather feedback for your marketing tactics and then make modifications based on those results.

#4: Don’t focus on the technical aspects of estate planning – 
You may deliver great content at your seminar, but many elder law attorneys tend to be rather technical. Instead of focusing so much on the technical aspects of estate planning, find out the problems of your particular audience, then identify the cure. Let your audience know that cure is attainable and affordable.

#5: Failure to create a marketing budget –
You create a budget for everything else, and you need to have one for your marketing too. Failure to commit to a budget will result in inconsistent results. Marketing plans take time to reach their full potential, so give yours time to work, and stick to your budget.

Elder law marketing can be tricky, but working to eliminate the above pitfalls from your marketing plan can help ensure that you’re not wasting time and money.