How to Get More Client Reviews for your Elder Law or Estate Planning Practice

Have you ever wondered why clients aren’t leaving you reviews?

It’s time to reverse your strategy with reverse personalization.

  • It’s a strategy that big companies are picking up on and it is WORKING.
  • We share the strategy with you, and show how you can use this in your Elder Law or Estate Planning Practice to get more clients to leave reviews.

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Full video transcript

Have you ever wondered why clients aren’t leaving you reviews? Especially that really happy client who’s singing your praises as they’re done with their appointment with you. They’re walking out the door saying “yes, you saved my family. I’m going to leave you a shining review.” Then they don’t?

Stay tuned. In this clip, I’m actually going to share with you a direct clip from the coaching session that I just did for our clients: Estate Planning Attorneys and Elder Law Attorneys.

In this clip, I talk about the “reverse personalization” technique that large companies are beginning to pick up on and it works for them. This technique specifically is going to work for your older clients. I’m going to share with you the exact steps you need to take and what to say in that review request.

So I’ve been to workshops. I’ve been to elder law and estate planning workshops, so I kind of know how it works by now. I’m given a pamphlet, a folder full of documents that will be helpful for me. If I had a handwritten note from the attorney, maybe just paper clipped in the front, So I could see it. On a piece of paper — on a brightly colored piece of paper — so I can see it, that would really catch my attention.

Or after the consultation you can mail them a letter — or you can have your staff help you with this. It doesn’t have to be just you.

And what’s great is that this kills two birds with one stone. This is a great follow-up method: send them a letter in the mail. This is also killing two birds with one stone because sometimes, no matter how wonderful you are, and how much you’ve really benefited your clients, people tend to forget. And they lose that, that fire, that spark.

But say a couple of years later, you send in this letter after you help them earlier and they remember. It helps them remember. They’re like, “oh yeah, they really helped me and I
actually have a friend who needs a lawyer. I’m going to recommend this guy.”

So there are all sorts of things at play here that will really help you out. I wrote this to use this as an example. I just grabbed a bright green piece of paper and I wrote down what you need to include in your review request.

So there’s a lot at play here. Let’s break this down and talk about why I included certain things. So one thing you need to include is expressing your gratitude. “Thank you so much for coming in and spending your time with me today.” That’s you acknowledging, hey, I know you’re busy,
but I’m so glad you spent your time with me.

The second thing to include in your review request is kind of tugging the heartstrings like saying why are you doing this? “I started this law firm in 2013 with my heart to protect families like yours.” I know it’s kind of gushy but gushy works.

Another thing to include is the power. The meaning, the reason. Besides just saying: “Hey, leave me a review would be great. Thanks.” Take it a step further and say “Your review would not only help me improve, but it would actually help people who are also looking for an attorney and you’re going to help them make a big decision.”

This is you acknowledging yes, it is a very big and expensive decision to hire an attorney. I understand that. And right underneath that you can say, “here’s a direct link to leave a google
review on my page. Here is my direct link.” This is where you could handwrite the link because it’s very short.

Here’s the ticket. It doesn’t have to be handwritten every single time. This is the interesting thing
that I caught that the big companies are doing. You just write the note once and you make copies of that note. Or there’s actually some websites out there who will hand write the letter for you.

The thing is that people will pay attention because it’s not perfect. It isn’t typed. It doesn’t look generic, it looks like somebody took time and did this.

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