What kind of law firm are you? Are you laid back, fun, and approachable? Or are you professional, serious, and focused on getting the job done? You want your business’s brand and voice to shine through in all of your marketing materials.

In this video, we go over how to create an effective marketing strategy for your Elder Law or Estate Planning Practice in 6 steps.

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Hi, I’m Ashlynn with Bambiz, and today we will go over how to create a six-step marketing strategy for your Estate Planning and Elder Law practices.

Step 1 – Define Your Business Mission & Goals

What kind of law firm are you? Are you laid back, fun, and approachable? Or are you professional, serious, and focused on getting the job done? You want your business’s brand and voice to shine through in all of your marketing materials.

First, you’ll want to define your mission statement and the goals you want to achieve. For example,

“Our mission is to _______ the _______ to make _________.”

“Our mission is to help seniors protect the legacy they’ve built to make their golden years a time of rest and relaxation.”

You can think of this as your company’s “elevator pitch”. Give insight into why potential clients will benefit from your services.

Step 2 – Identify And Research Your Target Market
You need to focus on two key areas: demographics and psychographics.


  • Age
  • Location
  • Income level
  • Marital or family status
  • Occupation


  • Interests/hobbies (example – social media platforms of choice)
  • Lifestyles
  • Behavior

By researching your target audience, you can create a buyer persona, which simply means a fictional person who embodies the characteristics of your best potential customer.

For example, if you’re an estate planning attorney, your buyer persona might be:

  • someone in their late 40s – 50s,
  • has grown children
  • getting ready to retire.
  • wants to set themselves up to protect their assets for themselves and their family in the upcoming years.

Similarly, an elder law attorney might look like this:

  • Someone aged 55 – 65
  • Retired.
  • Looking further into the future to make sure that all of their loose ends are tied up when they’re in the final stages of life.

Step 3 – Evaluate Competitors
Now it’s time to list out the top competition in your area. You can easily do this by going to Google and typing “Elder Law attorney near me” or “Estate planning my location”. Check out the businesses on the first page.

You can download this free competitor analysis template from Hubspot and record the information about each of these competitors.

This step will help you gain a better understanding of the competition in your area. You can compare what the competitors are doing and find ways to make your business jump ahead of the game.

Step 4 – Set Goals
Now it’s time to create some metrics to measure your success over time. These metrics, also known as KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), will help you analyze your marketing efforts. Below are some areas in your marketing strategy you can measure using KPIs:

Email Marketing Campaigns
Measure how often emails are opened and how often the button or link gets clicked. These are two great ways to see how potential clients engage with your email marketing.

Event Attendance
Brainstorm how to get more potential clients to attend your event. With each idea, measure how well it performed in attendance rates.

Social Media
Measure your business’s social reach by creating ideas for new social media posts and content. Think of fun ways to promote your business. Measure the success of your efforts by how many new followers you have when you check in each month.

Step 5 – Create A Plan
It’s time to figure out how you’re going to get your business in front of potential clients!

One way to do this is by using inbound marketing to attract potential clients’ attention.

Inbound marketing

Remember, you are writing content for potential clients, not to impress other attorneys! Your messaging should address the pain points of potential clients and show them you are the clear solution.

Once your content is up and running, you want to remember to engage and build relationships with your audience.

Step 6 – Monitor Results And Adjust
The work isn’t over yet! You’ll want to keep an eye on your marketing campaigns and make sure they bring in the best results possible. Set a weekly or monthly reminder to check-in and assess the KPIs for your campaigns. Scale-up what’s working and cut out what isn’t!

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