Discover the Best Lead Magnet to Grow Your Elder Law and Estate Planning Practice

A lead magnet is one of the best marketing tools to generate leads; a to find the people who need your elder law or estate planning expertise.

Leads are potential clients searching online for an attorney.
A lead magnet attracts the right kind of potential clients to you.
It has already sifted, and separated quality leads from those who will only waste your time.

Lead magnets focus on a specific group of people — the target market.
Who are the people who need your services?
In the elder law and estate planning field, the target audience is generally the elderly and their adult children. Elder law is broad and addresses various legal issues seniors may face. Lead magnets will target the clients that require the specific aspects your legal firm specializes in.

Issues seniors have, are different to the questions their children ask concerning elder law and their parents. Baby boomers looking after their parents have a different viewpoint about elder law and estate planning than baby boomers who are preparing for their own inevitable future.

Lead magnets attract and draw potential clients to your website by answering these questions and providing informative solutions to the issues leads have.

5 Lead Magnets For Elder Law And Estate Planning Attorneys

Lead magnets are packaged as different forms of content. 

Some of the most common lead magnets are eBooks, checklists, webinars, special reports, white papers, and case studies. 

What type of lead magnets will work for an elder law and estate planning practice?

1. Checklists and Lists

Checklists contain a list of questions or items the client can tick off. It gives a sense of completion that people like. It also helps a person to plan and prepare.

That first consultation with an attorney is often a barrier that stops people from making the appointment. A checklist containing the most important questions a person should ask their elder law and estate planning attorney will help address these concerns. A To-Do List of how to prepare for the first consultation will give your potential client peace of mind and make it easier to pick up the phone and book that consultation.

A resource list is a compiled list of valuable content for the reader on a specific topic. Instead of the lead searching online, you’ve already compiled a resource list for him. It saves the lead time because you’ve already done the legwork. It also presents you as the expert on the topic.

2. Workbooks and Worksheets

A workbook or worksheet is more than a template to reproduce the same type of document. A workbook is an interactive document in the form of a list, sheet or book. The reader needs to complete written assignments or tasks.

It helps the client write down his thoughts and requirements. It can be used as a preparation tool before consulting the attorney. It benefits the estate planning attorney too. The client comes prepared to the meeting with the necessary and relevant documents.

Examples of how to use a worksheet or workbook:

  • Help the client to understand the elements of a Will so that he can instruct his attorney concerning the details of his will.
  • Set out what the client needs to do or documents he must provide at each step of the estate planning process.
  • Assist the adult child in the options available in caring for his parent(s).

3. eBooks and Downloadable PDF Document

eBooks are informative content that can educate your readers in making the right decisions. An eBook with an engaging title on a topic that concerns the potential client will generate valuable leads.

It can be a guide, a how-to manual or address a specific problem or need. This kind of eBook is informative and adds value while proving to the client that you are the expert.

4. White Papers and Special Reports

Although white papers are often referred to as a special report, there is a difference. White papers are longer with intricate and specialized levels of content.

In essence, these lead-generating tools define a problem and describe how to solve it. It is often used to educate readers and to explain a specific method, process or technique. A special report or white paper can help simplify the various aspects of estate planning.

5. Case Studies

A case study is more than a testimony. A case study tells the story of a client’s specific problem and how your elder law and estate planning practice solved the client’s problem.

Case studies set people’s minds at ease. It shows them that someone else had a similar situation and that you, as their elder law and estate planning attorney, provided the solution. To the potential client, it is proof that you will be able to help them with their problem.

Personal details about the client can be omitted in a case study, and it will still have a valuable impact.

In Conclusion

Lead magnets generate leads and prompt potential client to take a step forward towards becoming your client. To create the best lead magnet, you need to know who you want as a client and what type of content resonates with them. The above list of lead magnet ideas — checklists, workbooks, eBooks, white papers, and case studies — are a few examples that work. Webinars and videos are also great lead magnet tools to educate people and provide a personal touch. Different lead magnets can be used to target different audiences. A young couple may be interested in a checklist of the elements in a Will, whereas a baby boomer would be more interested in a workbook setting out the estate planning process. If you don’t have the time or the inclination to create the best lead magnet for your elder law and estate planning practice, we can help you. We’ve created many lead magnets you can use for your practice just schedule a call with us and we would love to walk you through the process.

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