How inconsistent marketing is hurting your Elder Law Practice

Delicious growth. 📈

A consistent marketing strategy is 🔑 to growing your elder law practice. Without a strategy, you’ll be flying blind, hoping that something – anything – will work to bring in new clients.

By being proactive and intentional with your marketing, you can watch your client base (and your bank balance 💸) grow steadily over time.

In this blog, we talk about 3 ways inconsistent marketing can do damage and 3 ways to make your marketing consistent.

3 ways inconsistent Elder law marketing strategy can do damage

You may be seeing some success here and there, but overall, things are just…off. This could be from a lack of consistency. If you’re not careful, inconsistent marketing can easily hurt your elder law practice. Here are three ways that inconsistency can do damage:

1. Inconsistent marketing tactics confuse your target audience

People who see different messages from your practice in different places get confused about what you do and who you serve. This confusion can lead them to write you off entirely or pursue other options.

2. Inconsistent marketing wastes your time and money

When you’re constantly changing your marketing approach, you spend a lot of time and money on re-branding efforts without ever really getting anywhere. Of course, you might think each new campaign answers all your problems. Still, it’s usually just a band-aid solution that doesn’t solve the underlying issue.

3. Inconsistent marketing erodes trust

When customers see inconsistency, they question your credibility and wonder if you’re really the expert you claim to be.

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3 ways to make your Elder Law practice Marketing Consistent

Here are five tips to help you stop being inconsistent and start getting the results you want:

1. Set realistic goals for your marketing campaigns

It’s that time of year again. You’re looking at your company’s budget and have to set some goals for the upcoming marketing campaigns. But how do you set realistic goals? (Read: How to create a marketing plan in 6 steps )

To set realistic goals, you must know your audience. This is crucial in forming any kind of goal but is especially important for marketing goals. Who are you trying to reach with your campaigns? What are their needs and wants? 

Do your research. Look at your past campaigns and see what worked and didn’t. Based on that information, you can set some achievable goals for the future.

Set SMART goals. That stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Make sure your plans meet all these criteria to gauge whether or not they were successful.

2. Create a schedule for your marketing activities

Whether weekly, monthly, or quarterly, setting aside time specifically for marketing will help you stay on track. You could even get a physical calendar. 

One way to create a schedule of marketing activities is to first brainstorm all the possible marketing activities that would benefit your business. Once you have a list of potential actions, you can start narrowing down the list by considering budget, time constraints, and objectives (Read: Should I do my own law firm marketing? A cost-benefit analysis )

Once you have narrowed your list of potential marketing activities, you can start creating a schedule. To do this, you will want to consider what order makes the most sense for completing the activities and also think about which actions need to be completed on what days or weeks. 

For example, if you’re going to blog, decide which day of the week you’ll write and publish your post. Then, add this task to your calendar. If you send out an email newsletter, decide which day of the week you’ll write and send it out. Finally, suppose you are planning on doing Facebook advertising. In that case, you will need to factor in the time it will take to design the ads and create landing pages. 

3. Use automation tools to stay organized and consistent.

It can be challenging to keep track of everything and ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. That’s where automation comes in. Automation tools can help you stay organized, save time, and remain consistent in your marketing efforts.

Use an email marketing tool like Constant Contact or MailChimp to automate your email newsletters, announcements, and events. This way, you can set up a template and schedule ahead, so you don’t have to worry about it each month. 

You can also use a social media scheduler such as Heropost to pre-plan and schedule content ahead of time. This can free up time so you can focus on other aspects of running your business. (Read: FREE social media calendars for Lawyers)

Get consistent in your Elder Law Firm marketing with Bambiz

In conclusion, if your marketing is inconsistent, you should set realistic goals, create a schedule of marketing activities, and use automation tools to stay organized and consistent. By doing so, you can maintain a consistent marketing campaign that will produce successful results.

If you’re tired of your elder law firm’s marketing strategy being all over the place, Bambiz can help. With our consistent approach, you’ll get your time back to focus on your clients. Don’t wait! Schedule a call now and see the difference Bambiz can make.

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