How to quickly improve your Elder Law Firm website SEO

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Improving SEO is like trying to get to the top of a mountain. 🏔

The higher you climb, the better your chances of being seen by potential prospects. 🪜

The beauty of SEO is, when it’s done correctly, you aren’t spending money on Facebook or Google ads.

In this 4 minute video, Jim goes through how to quickly improve your website SEO using Google Reviews, building authority, and using keywords.

Video Summary:

Having a well-established search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is paramount. This is mainly for you as an elder law or estate planning attorney. Nearly every business or service thrives off search engine results to bring in traffic. Elder Law firms are no exception.

Today, there are more internet users than ever before, which applies to older generations.

Repeat quality clients, word of mouth, newspaper ads, etc., remain powerful legal marketing strategies. But, they often can’t compete against using the right SEO techniques to drive organic traffic to your website.

The marketing team at Bambiz assists Elder Firms of various sizes. This guide will showcase some SEO strategies that can help you improve your ranking in Google searches to gain main more prospects. As well as find your target audience, avoid the top reasons why websites fail, and more.

How can an Elder Law attorney benefit from search engine optimization?

You need SEO if you’re an independent lawyer with elder law as your practice area or part of a more prominent law firm. SEO helps you rank higher on popular search engine sites like Google and Bing by expanding your elder law practice’s visibility.

Attorneys struggle to gain new clients without having an effective online presence. Trying to attract elder law clients without an effective SEO strategy results in fewer caseloads, especially in areas with a lot of competition. You or your firm might have many highly-satisfied clients. Still, you’ll continue to lose out on new potential clients without the right SEO visibility.

The way every online business is different, every law practice is unique. Unfortunately, these differences mean there isn’t a “one size fits all” for SEO strategies. However, several techniques can help you organically rank higher in popular search engines.

For example, an elder law lawyer or firm increases can increase their visibility and referrals with Google reviews. You can effectively promote your firm by gaining more positive reviews and using the right SEO techniques to complement or accelerate this process. (Read: How to Ask For Law Firm Testimonials.)

Ways to increase your Law Firm’s Google reviews

Many new law firms struggle to gain high-ranking search results. SEO involves careful digital marketing techniques, but there are ways to improve your digital footprint with help from your in-person clients.

One way is by asking them to leave reviews on your various channels.

Methods to gain new reviews include:

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4 ways to boost your Elder Law marketing through search engine results

Gaining more positive Google reviews will help your website or social media pages outrank the local competition. This means you’ll start to rank organically and won’t have to rely as much on methods like pay-per-click campaigns.

We’ll now discuss four tips to help you rank higher on an online search alongside Google reviews.

1. Effective keywords

Every successful SEO campaign requires you to identify effective keywords. 

For example, when potential clients seek elder law planning, they type in a particular search term, like “estate planning attorneys near me.”

Keyword research helps law firms identify specific keywords targeting certain services, geographical locations, and other crucial information.

2. Use your keywords correctly

When conducting keyword research, it can be tempting to plug in as many keywords as possible in a blog, article, webpage, etc. However, “keyword stuffing” may cause search engines to penalize your content with a lower SEO score.

In addition, keyword stuffing also results in clunky content.

Create content that targets your industry-specific searches without sacrificing readability. (Read: What should attorneys blog about?)

3. Use titles, headings, lists, and shorter paragraphs images

Many people enjoy long-form novels that contain never-ending paragraphs inside 30+ page chapters. Just about no one, however, enjoys blogs, articles, or web pages that never cease to end.

Whether you have a short 250 to 500-word blog or a necessary 2,000-word article, give your reader plenty of opportunities to breathe.

Spice up your content by adding titles, headings, and subheadings in H1, H2, or H3 formats. This method will direct visitors to the information they need and improve your SEO score.

You can also increase readability and scannability by breaking complicated information into bulleted or numbered lists.

Make sure to include shorter paragraphs within your content. Finally, images can be a powerful tool for bumping your SEO score in search engines.

4. Include meta descriptions

A meta description appears when a potential client searches for content on Google. This meta description gives them a brief idea of the content’s discussion. Use this opportunity to include a keyword as well.

Let Bambiz help improve your Elder Law Firm today

Increasing your Google reviews and SEO ranking can be a complicated task. You’ll need to reach the right audience. Fortunately, our team’s marketing efforts can help you implement the right SEO strategies and help you with your reputation management. 

In addition, our teams allows your Elder Law services to be focused solely on your clients and new business. At the same time, we expand and refine your digital footprint.

If you’d like a FREE SEO audit for your law firm, schedule a 15-minute call with us by clicking here. We’d love to find out more about you, your goals, and help your practice’s success.

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