What exactly is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is a resource that is offered to potential buyers in exchange for their email addresses or other contact information.

So, what does that mean to an Elder Law attorney?

A lead magnet is a great way for you to build a list of potential clients. You can offer a free resource like an e-book, PDF checklist, or resource guide.

The PDF “4 Red Flags to look for in a Nursing Home” is a great way to attract crisis clients.

Someone who is enticed by your free resource will provide his or her contact information in exchange for downloading the resource.

Based on the resource you provide, that gives an indication of the type of planning they may need.

We are including the steps to set up a lead magnet, with an example from one of our Elder Law attorney clients below:

Create an ad or website call to action.

This can be a social media campaign or a call to action on your website. 

It is how potential clients will learn about what you are offering.

Lead magnet image

Create a landing page

A potential client that is interested in your offering will be taken to a landing page that collects his or her contact information in exchange for the resource.

Email the resource

Upon entering their information, the potential client will be sent the resource. 

They should also be added to your CRM and/or email newsletter list for easy follow up.

Keep in mind that lead magnets are a long-game approach.

Adding a bunch of contacts to your list is a waste of money if you never do anything with them.

You cannot expect someone to download your ebook and then magically pick up the phone to schedule a consultation. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.

To turn your new potential clients into paying clients, you must stay top of mind and have a strong follow-up strategy.

This should include phone calls, frequent emails (including weekly e-newsletters and personal emails), and text messages.

We discuss more about how to automate your follow up process in this video.


To help you jump-start your journey into offering lead magnets, we are providing a FREE Elder Law lead magnet to you (no opt-in required). You can customize it for your firm and add your logo and contact information.

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