How To Grow Your Practice With Seminars, with Greg McIntyre, Esq.

Is it your dream to have multiple locations of your elder law practice? To be able to help people on a much larger scale?

Elder Law Attorney, Greg McIntyre, had that dream and made it come true.

The secret to his success? Seminars.

But there is a strategy he uses that he learned to not only fill the room but to convert the majority of that room into clients.

In this podcast episode, Greg will share his secrets on how he grew from zero to multiple locations with seminars.

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Episode Summary

In this episode, host Amie Hurst converses with Greg McIntyre, the founder of McIntyre Elder Law, and Jim Blake, the CEO of Bambiz, about marketing strategies and expanding a law practice.

Greg talks about the role of selling and marketing in the field of law, even equating lawyers to salespeople who constantly market their viewpoints to the jury.

The Journey to Success

Greg shares his story of success, revealing how he grew his law practice from zero to multiple locations. He attributes his achievement to finding the “secret sauce” or the specific strategies and tweaks that allowed him to make the most out of each seminar and convert the most people.

The Role of Seminars

Greg emphasizes the importance of seminars in his law practice, comparing his audience to a jury in a trial. He underlines the importance of good communication and interaction with the audience during seminars. These have been instrumental in his success, contributing significantly to his law firm’s growth.

Strategy Behind Seminars

Greg dives deeper into the strategy behind his successful seminars. He shares how his team sets up seminars, attracts an audience, builds trust, and converts attendees into clients. 

The seminar strategy also involves meticulous planning, including follow-up processes, such as sending thank you notes, that contribute to relationship-building and customer satisfaction.

Advice to Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorneys

Greg’s advice to elder law or estate planning attorneys is to keep it real, commit to their craft, and consistently strive to access clients through seminars. He emphasizes getting out of the office, facing one’s fears, and engaging directly with people.


Summing up Greg’s successful formula, Amie highlights the importance of having a robust system before and after each seminar, the inclusion of personalized videos and handwritten thank you notes, and the effectiveness of a well-planned seminar in answering the question: “Why should I hire you?”

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