The Grunt Test can make or break your website

The Grunt Test relates to your Elder Law or Estate Planning Practice’s website. 

The concept is: could a caveman — or something that knew nothing about you (hint: a potential client) — understand what you do by simply looking at your website for a few seconds?

By watching this video you’ll learn:

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Full video transcript

Hi, I’m Andrea with Bambiz. I wanted to share with you a clip from a topic we recently discussed in our Level Up Coaching group for attorneys. It is the grunt test. It’s all about your website and making a first impression on someone that comes to your website.

I truly believe if you can nail this, and get this right, your website will start turning viewers into paying clients. So check it.

Step one is the grunt test. Look at your website and if a caveman said “what do you do?” could you grunt out an answer in such a simple way that a caveman could understand you.

What does that really mean? So look at your website. If someone gave you five seconds to answer four questions:

  1. What do you do
  2. Why does it matter to me as the customer (Now you’re thinking about this from the potential clients perspective)
  3. How does it make my life better
  4. How do I buy it — You’re not selling widgets, so what’s the next step. That would likely be a consultation, or attending a workshop or webinar or something like that.

That’s about the attention span of people these days, unfortunately it’s about five seconds. I think really it’s like seven seconds that you get before someone either clicks off your website or continues scrolling down.

Let’s look at this website here. All right, do you think this passes the grunt test? Tell me what does this person do that has this website?

And also the second question: why does it matter? And so how does it make my life better?
How do you think someone would buy it or what do you think the next step is? Just by looking at this screenshot here likely they buy it by clicking on one of these buttons. So scrolling down on the same website it expands upon the grunt test items.

So how about this one. Does this pass the grunt test? What does this attorney do? Protect families, families multi-generational. So she’s protecting your family and why does it matter? Well you probably want to protect your family, right? This kind of answers both questions there. How does it make my life better? Kind of the same as a protection, thank you Elena. And how do I buy it? What’s the next step?

So if I want to buy something from Laura Cowan how would I do that? Get started now. There we go. So we actually just designed this website for Laura. We just launched this last week and so excited to see what the results will be. We were really intentional when designing this, let’s focus on these things because this is what people are looking for. This is just scrolling down her
page a little bit. That’s the grunt test. 

How to know if your website passes the grunt test:
Find a stranger. Show them your website. Don’t scroll around too much, just mainly the top part. Ask them: What do I do and how can I help people?

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