Got someone’s email. Now what? (Part 1)

(Part 1 of 3 in our email marketing series)

Part 2: The Sales Email Sequence
Part 3: The Nurture Email Sequence

In this episode, we talk about what to do after you get someone’s email address. We give you a two-step sequence that the top companies are using and is proven for success.

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Episode Transcript

It’s about midnight, you probably should be sleeping right about now but there you are laying in bed wide awake frantically searching on google for an answer that you are so bothered by you cannot go to sleep until you find it. 

Am I right? We have all been there I know I’ve been there you’re up late you should be sleeping but you’ve got this question in your head and you need to figure it out now and then something magical happens you land on a website. They have your answer and you know that they have  the answer but guess what you have to give them your email. 

Everyone knows this is how the rodeo goes so you give this company your email address so you can get this answer and go to sleep. But it all works out you get the answer. You finally fall asleep and you’re just so glad that you got this really helpful answer and then what happens next absolutely nothing. 

Why because the company forgets to email you and that means you  forget the company. That’s just how it works, so unfortunately for the company they lost a probably a very valuable client, a future paying client because all they had to do was email you to remind you of how much they helped you that one night.

What if you have all these emails and you have not been consistently emailing these people? The same thing’s happening at your law firm so today in this episode we are going to talk about what we need to be doing, what every law firm needs to be doing, with those email addresses.

I’m going to give you the two-step sequence that is proven for success, the top of the top companies use this sequence. It’s not ours we did not make this up but we do use it and we know it works so I’m going to share it with you. So stick around and you’re going to learn exactly  what to do.

Welcome to elder law growth this is the podcast for all things marketing for your elder law or estate planning law firm. In this podcast you’ll get all the skills and tools that you need to market your practice without wasting any of your time.

Hi I’m Amie, I am the marketing manager here at Bambiz and this episode it’s going to be about email marketing. It’s talking about how we can turn those emails into paying clients. Every email is a golden opportunity for a paying client and a lot of companies especially law firms drop the ball so let’s break it down. 

The first step is sales and the second step is nurture. This is all about keeping it simple. So, you get an email address they download something from you and they give you their email address. What do you do? You take that email address and you put them immediately into a sales sequence of six specific sales emails. The trick here is that these are sales emails so they need to be able to sell your service without being salesy. But that’s easier said than done so stick with me until the end because I’m gonna help you out with that.

So the first six emails that this person needs to get are sales related. Once the sixth email is sent and done they’re automatically put into the second step which is the nurture sequence. The first six emails are all about selling your services and about why they should hire you. Now it’s all about nurturing that contact it’s about building that relationship, the trust and it is about consistently showing up in their email over and over again.

The key is, it’s got to be very valuable information. I know so the nurture sequence is anywhere between five and ten emails. So the six sales plus anywhere between five and ten nurture emails. I bet you’re thinking wow, Amie that’s a lot of emails they’re not gonna be so happy about getting that many emails.

Think about it, when we give out our email address we know we’re gonna be contacted some way or another that’s just how the rodeo goes. If you’re actually emailing them helpful information it’s about how you can help them and they’re going to be looking forward to your emails. It’s going to be a win for them so that’s why this is so important. 

Many companies stop after one or two emails thinking oh we’re going to bother these people but if you do it right and if you write the emails correctly it’s gonna be a big win for that email contact.

So it’s the six emails for sales and then it’s the 5 to 10 emails for nurture and by that time by the time the nurture sequence is done this contact might not be ready to hire an attorney at that point in time maybe because of money or circumstances but when the time comes they will remember the attorney who kept showing up in their email.

Part of what we like to do for our clients is to really take the guesswork out of it for them so what we’ve done is actually written these emails. We’ve done the copy work and of course, we can’t cover it all in one big podcast right so stick around for the next podcast.

We’re gonna break this down, we’re going to talk about the first six sales emails. I’m going to talk about what each email should be all about for an elder law or estate planning attorney. This is specifically for elder law and estate planning attorneys to use for their email list so stick around. Next time we’re gonna go over what you should be emailing specifically, the copy you should be using, the subject lines, and what links you should be including. 

This is going to be good stuff and it’s all going to be free right here on our podcast so stick around for our next episode. If you want to learn more about marketing anything for your elder state planning law firm please visit our website 

Thanks for listening to the elder law growth podcast the place to be for all things marketing for elder law and estate planning law firms. If you liked this podcast please leave us a review wherever you are listening to this podcast. And if you’d like to outsource your marketing to our team go to and book a free call with us today.

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