No one wants to receive a high-pressure sales email.

Even if your potential client is in need of the service you’re offering, they still don’t want to open up a virtual sales pitch.

How can you follow up with AND convert more clients without sounding like a salesperson? 


By building relationships and adding value to your follow up.

What does that look like?

Watch Kelly’s video below (or keep scrolling to read the full article), where she will break down what you need to be doing RIGHT NOW.

First things first:

Your potential client wants to know right off the bat what’s in it for them.

Your Newsletters

Your follow-up newsletters should entice them and make them want to keep reading week after week.

You want to frame it as though you are doing them a favor by providing free, relevant, and educational material for them. Whether you’re asking them to attend a webinar or workshop, to download your guide or eBook, or to call you for a consultation, they want to feel that it is in their best interest to do so.

Not sending out a weekly newsletter? We highly recommend doing so as it keeps you top of mind.

Your Emails

Consumers today are savvier than ever.

They click a link that is asking for their contact information and they know the drill. Now they’re on your contact list to receive frequent emails, which some may perceive as spam.

The key is to build their trust and establish a relationship within your first couple of emails.

What does that look like?

You’ll want to establish rapport with them so that when your name pops up in their email inbox, they see value and guidance, rather than spam.

Not every email needs to include a call-to-action asking them to download something or sign up for an event. Share stories about how you’ve helped other families in similar situations, and how you can do the same for them.

It is important to use a strategy that allows you to provide just enough information for them to know what they’ll need to do to solve their dilemma, but not so much that they feel that they don’t need your assistance.

Following best practices for follow up will lead to more consultations scheduled and as a result, more clients for your firm.

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