{Video + Freebie!} Get Clients Through Facebook By NOT Doing This

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One of the biggest questions we get here is, “How do I reach more potential clients online?”

Fortunately, if you are an Elder Law or Estate Planning attorney, your answer is very simple:


According to this study, 72% of adults between ages 50-64 are on Facebook.

That’s your target audience!

Also according to this study, 74% of all Facebook log into Facebook daily.

This means that if you want to reach more people, showing up on Facebook daily is your plan of action.

Unfortunately, many law firms are failing in engaging their Facebook audience and losing future clients in the process.

And then they are left wondering why nobody is reaching out to them over Facebook.

There are three big mistakes that we are seeing law firms make with their Facebook marketing:

❌ Posting dry, textbook information for content
❌ Using generic stock photos
❌ Not showing their face

Check out the video (by clicking the thumbnail below) where Amie talks about each of these and then shares what to do instead, and be sure you watch the whole thing because she includes a freebie at the end!

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