Elder Law & Estate Planning Client Follow Up Strategies

Elder Law & Estate Planning Potential Client Follow Up Strategies Explained

In this marketing session, we will delve into the crucial topic of lead follow-up strategies. Specifically, we will discuss how to effectively engage with individuals who enter your world by registering for an event, downloading a resource, or submitting their contact information on your website.

The Importance of Timely Follow-Up

When someone registers for your workshop or requests information from your firm, the initial response plays a pivotal role in nurturing that lead. Timely follow-up is key to solidifying their interest and increasing the likelihood of converting them into a retained client.

Immediate Phone Call Follow-Up

As soon as a registration or request comes in, it’s vital to initiate an immediate phone call from your office. The faster you reach out to them, the better chances you have of securing their attendance or consultation.

People are engaged in various activities online, so by promptly contacting them, you reinforce their action and ensure they take advantage of what they’ve requested.

Multiple Touch Points for Increased Engagement

Following the initial phone call, it is highly recommended to have multiple touch points with your leads. For workshop registrants, consider making one to two friendly reminder calls between the registration date and the event. These calls can serve as an opportunity to provide additional information, address questions, or highlight specific details about the workshop.

For post-event follow-up, you can further enhance engagement by making a final phone call or sending an email the day before or on the morning of the event. These touch points keep the event top of mind and demonstrate your commitment to their attendance.

Overcoming the Fear of Being a Pest

Many professionals fear being perceived as bothersome or intrusive by following up too frequently. However, research shows that the majority of people appreciate and value these follow-ups.

While there might be a few who prefer not to receive calls, they are in the minority. By focusing on the 48 individuals out of 50 who appreciate your efforts, you significantly increase your chances of securing their attendance or consultation.

Outsourcing Follow-Up Services

If you have resource constraints and cannot handle the follow-up calls internally, you can outsource this task to reputable companies like Telling Direct or Ruby Receptionists.

These companies can handle the notifications and provide scripts for follow-up calls, ensuring timely and effective engagement. This way, you can ensure comprehensive lead follow-up without overburdening your team.

Post-Event Consultation Sign-Ups

During the workshop, it is crucial to capitalize on the momentum and encourage attendees to schedule a consultation. Building in designated time during the event to sweep the room for consultation sign-ups can yield excellent results.

By passing out evaluation forms or having staff available to collect consultation requests, you create a smooth flow that maximizes conversion opportunities.

Building Relationships through Email Sequences

Establishing a connection with cold contacts is essential to foster trust and increase the likelihood of converting leads into clients. A powerful method to achieve this is through a relationship-building email sequence.

After someone signs up for an event or requests information, you can automatically send them a series of five emails over five days. These emails introduce your firm, explain your motivations, showcase the value you provide, and offer a clear call to action, such as attending a workshop or scheduling a consultation.

The Impact of Relationship-Building Emails

These relationship-building emails have proven to be highly effective in creating a sense of familiarity and trust among new contacts. The open rates for these emails are remarkable, ranging from 75% to 90%, as they pique the recipients’ interest and engage them with your firm.

Establishing this foundation of trust significantly increases the chances of converting leads into loyal clients.

Implementing a Weekly Email Newsletter

Once potential clients complete the initial email sequence, it’s important to maintain regular contact with them. Implementing a weekly email newsletter ensures that your audience stays informed and engaged with your firm’s updates and insights.

By consistently delivering valuable content, you reinforce your expertise, build credibility, and nurture the relationship. This ongoing communication also ensures that potential clients remain aware of your firm and the services you provide.

Conclusion: Maximizing Client Retention through Effective Follow-Up

Effective lead follow-up strategies are paramount for maximizing client retention and converting potential clients into loyal customers. By implementing timely phone call follow-ups, multiple touch points, and personalized email sequences, you can establish strong relationships and increase the likelihood of conversions. Remember to focus on providing value, addressing client needs, and consistently staying in touch.

By following these strategies, you can enhance your marketing efforts and achieve better results in client acquisition and retention.

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Utilizing these strategies can dramatically improve your seminar attendance and client retention going forward!

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