Should I link to my website on my Facebook post?

One of our clients recently asked us this question:

Would it make sense for us to add the firm website in each Facebook post? This way, after people view a post we could drive them to the firm website, track them, and drip market to them?”

Facebook Screenshot

It’s a great question, but the short answer is: no. 

But why?

Facebook’s #1 goal is to keep people on Facebook. 

Facebook doesn’t like outside links. It takes people off their platform. If you add a link to your website in every post, it will significantly reduce your organic reach.

The vast majority of your posts – ideally 90% or more – should be brand-building, interactive posts that build trust and connections.

Over time, the Facebook algorithm learns that your posts are valuable. They are something that people want to see and engage with.

So, keep posts with outside links to a minimum. Focus on providing excellent content that is relevant to your target audience: adult children and their senior parents.

When you provide high-quality, consistent content, eventually when you DO post a link, Facebook will share it. People will also be more likely to click it because they now have a relationship with you.


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