{Video} How To Estimate Your Ad Spend Budget

Interested in doing some online advertising, but not sure how to figure out your ad spend budget?

Your ad budget will go hand in hand with your registration goals.

In this week’s video, Erin will explain how to come up with your individual ad spend budget.

Before starting, there’s one question you need to ask yourself:

What does a successful workshop/webinar look like for my firm and how many household registrations would that take?

Once you have that number down, the easiest way to figure out your budget is to multiply your registration goal number by the average cost per household registration.

We have found that on average it costs around $35 to get someone to click on your ad and register for your event.

If you are hoping to have around 30 people register for your event then you would multiply that number by the $35 average. This would give you an ad budget of $1,050 for that single event date/time. (30 people x $35 per household = $1,050 ad budget)

What if you plan to host two events on the same day at different times? Easy!

You would just double that budget to accommodate for both events. This would give you a total of 60 registrations between the two events and your ad budget would be $2,100.

Of course, this all scales based on your goals, but you can use this basic principle to estimate your ad budget. Whether you are hoping for 15 registrations or 50.

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