{Real Client Example} Using an Email Follow-Up System

With many potential clients now coming in through online channels, you MUST have a strong follow up process so they do not slip through the cracks.

One way to do this is to set up an email sequence. A sequence is a series of emails that a subscriber will get, one after the other. Each email is timed and sent a certain number of days or hours after the last one.

The best part about a sequence is you can set it and forget it.

Below is an example of a welcome sequence we set up for one of our Elder Law attorney clients.

This client has 5 emails in his welcome sequence.

  • The first email goes out 1 hour after a new potential client provides their contact information (from his workshop ads, downloading his free guide, or signing up on his website)
  • The 5 emails are all different. They are written in a casual, story-telling style that teaches the potential client more about the attorney, his practice, and examples of the types of cases he can help with

The last email is a “call to action” inviting them to schedule a consultation. You’ll notice the click rate is significantly higher on that email (circled in red).

Technology is your friend.

We use MailChimp to manage our clients’ email sequences. A basic plan is FREE, or additional featured plans start at $10/month.

The nice thing about MailChimp is the emails look like they come directly from your firm. Potential clients can use the “reply” feature to send you a direct response.

More statistics from this attorney's email sequence:

This attorney has sent 18,009 emails to 3,487 new potential clients.

Now let’s break down his open and click rate. 

This attorney’s emails have a very high open rate at 42%, compared to the legal industry average of 17%. That means 42% of people who receive the email in their inbox actually open it, rather than immediately deleting it or leaving it unread.

Another metric to look at is the click rate. That is the percentage of people that opened the email AND clicked a link inside the email.

This client’s overall click rate for his entire 5-email sequence is 1.9%, compared to a legal industry average of 2.7%. But we aren’t particularly focused on the overall click rate number. Why? We are focused on his click rate for his final email which invites the “warmed up” potential client to schedule a consultation.

As shown in the very first screen shot (circled in red), his final email click rate is 6.9%, which is 2.5x higher than the legal industry average of 2.7%.

Let me ask you...

Would having 3,487 new potential clients change your business?

At Bambiz, we set up email sequences for your Elder Law or Estate Planning practice. Remember, I said set it and forget it?

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