Website Design Secrets To Attract Your Dream Client

Is your website attracting your dream client? 

Are your website visitors clicking the “contact us” button as often as you hoped?

If you want to increase both, this podcast episode is for you. 

Andrea Blake, Bambiz’s Head of Operations and website expert, will walk us through (with REAL examples of attorney websites):


      • The ONE thing your dream client wants to see on your website

      • How to pass the 5-second viewer test

      • The “secret sauce” behind any successful website

    BONUS: Andrea is giving away a free blueprint for designing your website to attract your dream client! 

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    Episode Summary

    In this episode, Andrea Blake, the Head of Operations at Bambiz and an expert in web design, discusses how to build effective websites for law firms. With more than 20 years of experience, Andrea uses her expertise to help clients attract their dream customers through well-designed, compelling websites.

    The Importance of Client-Centric Websites

    Andrea emphasizes the importance of making the potential client the “hero” of your website. Rather than highlighting your own achievements or those of your firm, the website should focus on the potential client’s problems and how you can help solve them. This approach, Andrea reasons, builds strong and lasting relationships with clients.


    The “Grunt Test”

    Andrea suggests a simple technique called the “grunt test” to check the effectiveness of a website.

    If a stranger can answer these four questions in five seconds after looking at the top of your website, it passes the test:

    1) What do you do?
    2) Why does it matter?
    3) How does it make my life better?
    4) How do I buy it or take the next step?

    Andrea demonstrates the application of the grunt test using a real-world example of a law firm website.


    Developing Quality Content

    Creating quality content that addresses potential clients’ concerns and questions is critical for a successful website. This can be achieved through storytelling techniques, case studies, testimonials, and videos. Andrea also warns against using legal jargon, stressing the importance of simplicity and accessibility for a diverse audience.


    Secret Sauce

    The “secret sauce” of an effective website, according to Andrea, is to make the potential client the hero. This can be achieved by directly addressing the client’s issues and showing how you can help. The website should also guide the client clearly to the next step, such as contacting the firm or starting a plan.


    Free Resource

    Andrea provides a free resource, the Bambiz Website Blueprint, to help listeners design an effective home page. The blueprint outlines what should be included on your home page and how to lay it out.


    The podcast episode ends with host Amie summarizing the contents of the episode and urging listeners to take advantage of the free resource provided. 

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