Elder Law Growth Podcast: The Single Most Important Work Habit To Increase Revenue

Do you want to increase your revenue at your practice? Then you don’t want to skip this episode.

Antonio Garrido, award-winning author, and leadership coach, is going to let us in on the secret of top-tier earners. All it takes is ONE change to your workday.

In this podcast episode, Antonio will share what the ideal workday looks like for lawyers who want to grow and expand their practice.

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Listen to the Antonio’s podcast episode on prospecting for attorneys titled How To Ask Without Being Salesy here.

Connect with Antonio on LinkedIn: ⁠https://www.linkedin.com/in/antoniogarrido/⁠

Episode Summary

This episode dives into a discussion about the significance of assuming responsibility for one’s own business. Valuable insights are shared from a conversation with Antonio Garrido, an esteemed author and leadership coach. 

Prioritizing Practice Development and Client Relationships

Practice development activities may involve prospecting for new clients, fostering relationships with existing ones, and consistently securing business. These actions are considered a critical part of an attorney’s ideal workday. 

By continually seeking and nurturing new client relationships, attorneys can build a robust pipeline that promotes sustainable business growth.

Delegation of Operational Tasks

The conversation also emphasizes the need for attorneys to delegate operational tasks, such as drafting contracts. While these tasks are crucial to the business, they can be executed by other team members, freeing up the attorneys’ time to focus on growth-oriented activities. 

This approach ensures that the core operations of the practice continue smoothly while the attorneys concentrate on growing the business.

Proactive and Growth-oriented Strategies

A key part of the discussion revolves around proactive and growth-oriented strategies. The podcast suggests that these strategies act as safeguards against unexpected downturns in the business. 

For instance, maintaining a robust pipeline of prospects can help ensure business continuity even if current projects experience challenges. This kind of proactive approach helps in fostering a dynamic and resilient practice.

Maintaining an Ongoing Prospecting Process

Lastly, practical advice on maintaining an ongoing prospecting process is mentioned. This advice, detailed in a separate podcast episode titled How To Ask Without Being Salesy, provides listeners with actionable tips on how to continually seek out and engage with potential clients.

In summary, this podcast episode urges attorneys to redefine their workdays, focusing on growth activities and implementing proactive strategies, to foster a thriving and resilient legal practice.

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