Behind the scenes look: This Elder Law attorney got 2,000+ monthly Google views for FREE

Do you ever wonder “Does any of this Google My Business, Google Maps, SEO stuff really work?” It’s a good question. You’ll hear different answers from different marketing companies. It can be confusing to know who to trust.

So instead of telling you, we are going to show you. 

Watch the video above for a behind-the-scenes look at an attorney we work with. You’ll see how thousands of people per month are finding him through the FREE Google My Business (aka Google Maps) service.

Full video transcript

Do you ever wonder “Does any of this Google My Business, Google Maps, SEO stuff really work?” It’s a good question, and you’ll find a lot of different answers from a lot of different marketing companies. I wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes look at one of our clients and show you his Google My Business (GMB) / Google Maps profile so you can see exactly how many people are finding him through this free service.

This is a behind the scenes look at this attorney’s engagement specifically through GMB. That’s when people search for you on Google and it comes up with the map (on either the right hand side of the search on desktop) or if they’re in Google Maps on their phone. They type “elder law attorney” and they happen to be in your area then this is also how they find you. 

So you can think of it as Google Maps but it’s officially called Google My Business (GMB). This attorney in the past month has come up 2,466 times in search. This is free, by the way. Google My Business is free. He didn’t pay for any of this. 

Discovery is people that were searching for something in that category. 77 percent of his business — 1,900 people — were searching “elder law attorney in his area” or “estate planning in his area” something like that.

He’s had 548 people search him directly. So that would be like someone just typing the firm name into Google. And then a very small percentage comes from people maybe looking at a competitor and they came across him. 

So that’s a lot of eyes on him this past month for something that he didn’t have to pay for. This traffic this is just coming through Google. 

This is cool, this shows you where people come from. The listing on search would be people that just typed it straight into Google. Listing on maps, again, would be if someone was on Google Maps the app on their phone, and they typed either the firm name or they typed “elder law attorney” or “estate planning” or something like that. Because they’re just searching in your local area, you’ll pop up.

Then this is what actually transpired from that. So of those people that found this attorney through Google Maps, 131 visited his website. 25 requested directions to the office. And 25 hit the call button through Google. There’s other ways of course you can call. They might have gone to the website and then called, but that’s people that just pulled up the Google Maps listing and hit the call button. That’s actually great engagement because none of this he had to actually pay for! 

These are things that just happen organically if you have a good Google My Business presence. You set up the page, you ask for reviews from people, and then another important thing is also the posts

You can post on GMB just like you would post on Facebook or Instagram. We actually use this particulars attorney’s YouTube videos and promote those on his GMB to get people to watch his videos learn more about his practice, why they need his services, and then go from there. We post this for him once a week. It looks like this week he has 247 views on his posts, so that’s pretty good! 

Again, this is not something that he’s had to pay for ads, he doesn’t spend money directing people towards this page. It’s a really important tool to have in your tool belt. If you don’t have a Google My Business page for your Elder Law or Estate Planning practice, absolutely set one up today.

If you are interested in us helping you with your GMB listing we have SEO services that offer: 1) review software to automatically send reviews to your clients as soon as they leave your office and they’re happy 2) GMB posts and 3) blog writing which will boost your overall SEO through Google and get more people to your website. Click here to learn more.

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