{Video} Duplicate registrations – why they are a good thing!

Is the same person registering for your webinar or live event multiple times?

Are you paying over and over for this same person each time?

As frustrating as it can seem, let Erin, our Accounts Coordinator, explain why it is not a bad thing.

Here’s the deal: your potential client is online, he or she spots your ad and clicks on it. He reads through it and thinks “wow, I need help with these things!” He promptly clicks the link and enters his contact information to register for your live event or webinar.

But then… he may not be the most tech-savvy individual and wonders if he registered correctly.

Or he saw something of interest on the thank you page after registering but had already clicked out of it. So, he registers again and again.

This really just shows a great deal of interest… IN YOU!

He is in need of your help and your services and saw something he was very interested in.

In the marketing world, we call this a HOT LEAD! Your firm should promptly follow up and see how you can meet his needs.

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