Transform Your Webinar Audience into Valued Clients by Doing This

In the competitive legal Elder Law and Estate Planning space, hosting webinars is a popular strategy to attract new clients. 

But what happens when these webinars don’t translate into the client engagement you expected? It’s time to look beyond the webinar itself and tackle the real challenge: overcoming inertia.

What Is Inertia in Marketing, and Why Does It Matter?

In physics, inertia refers to the resistance of any physical object to a change in its state of motion or rest. 

Translated into marketing terms, it represents the hesitation or delay potential clients may feel in taking action after attending your webinar. 

The “property of matter” in this scenario is your potential client. You, the Elder Law or Estate Planning attorney, are the “external force” needed to initiate this change.

Breaking Down the Inertia Barrier: Proactive Strategies

Effective Follow-Up

The key to converting webinar viewers into clients lies in proactive follow-up strategies. Remember, it’s not the quality of your webinar that’s in question – it’s the action that follows.

Personalized Communication

Reach out with personalized messages. Address specific issues or concerns raised during the webinar to show attendees that their needs have been heard and understood.

Use Text Messaging

Texts are direct and less intrusive, making them an excellent way to follow up. They can bridge the gap between impersonal emails and intimidating phone calls.

Email with a Personal Touch

When texts go unanswered, escalate to emails. Embedding a thank you video can add a personal touch, making the receiver more likely to engage.

Persistence and Patience

It’s crucial to remember that converting leads is a marathon, not a sprint. Persistence, with a balance of respect for the potential client’s space and decisions, is vital.

Amplifying Your Efforts with ‘Unstoppable Growth’

To further your efforts, Bambiz founder Jim Blake’s book Unstoppable Growth offers a treasure trove of insights, scripts, and best practices specifically designed for Elder Law and Estate Planning marketing. You can grab a copy here for $1. 

It’s a guide that can transform your approach to follow-ups, ensuring that your webinars turn into tangible client relationships.


Tailored Strategies for Elder Law Firms

At Bambiz, we specialize in marketing strategies for Elder law and Estate Planning law firm. Our expertise lies in understanding the unique challenges and opportunities in this field. 

Digital marketing efforts are no longer optional – they are essential.

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