The Content System That Creates Your Perfect Client

After all the research is complete and the video is shot, we have all the information that we need to get started on writing the long-form piece of content.

It’s important to have a long research phase so the content writing phase can run smoothly.

Google, with this new update, wants relevance. So while everyone is focusing on the most competitive and expensive keywords. Local attorneys can focus on providing good, relevant and helpful information to people.

What’s the result?

You’ll increase the chances that a local person in your area sees your content, begins to trust you and is motivated to come to your office.

Normally I’ve Seen 3 Common Concerns Attorneys Have

  • Giving away “the farm” too much information (making the attorney or the consultation obsolete)
  • Having a person misinterpret the “free” information online and doing something wrong
  • Undercutting their prices (or driving prices to zero) because people now expect free information

These concerns are valid…

But, that’s why there’s a huge opportunity for attorneys to scale by using the pricing power of the internet to save money, save time and charge more on the back end.

Give Away the “What” and Charge for the “How”

You can’t expect to change market demand but you can use it to your advantage. Attorneys shouldn’t “sell” their expertise, they should focus on the peace of mind that comes with their expertise.

Here’s what you can offer for “free”

  • Documents
  • Resource guides (package of articles, case studies, stories)
  • Checklists (Digital assets that should be included in a will)
  • Videos (Lessons)
  • Family conversation guides (How to have the “will” talk with a family member)
  • Blog articles (Why a simple fall can leave a family broke) …go on to explain the cost of nursing homes and solutions

Your expertise is not in the knowledge of what can go wrong and what to do to fix it. The value of an experienced, knowledgeable attorney is in the peace of mind you can offer someone by knowing how to solve the problem effectively.

The “free” content is to make visitors aware there’s a problem and aware of all the solutions that exist.

Then you turn them into the perfect client by offering them a unique solution to their specific problem. By then you won’t need to sell them because you’ve nurtured your website visitors into understanding that you have the answers to their problems.

Here’s an example:

The Content System That Creates Your Perfect Client

You’re creating a 24-hour sales machine that takes a potential client, creates a relationship between you and the customer and nurtures them until they’re the perfect client.

And all of this happens at scale because you don’t have to physically be there to create a relationship with the potential client.

They will reach the consultation stage as a warm buyer because of everything you’ve done already.

For better or worse people are going to the internet and expecting to find the right answers. And we can’t wait for them to learn bad information, form a misguided opinion and then expect something from an attorney that’s not realistic.

Attorneys have the opportunity to control the narrative and create the perfect client every single day. We already know that Google rewards relevant local content and there’s not enough content out there for every city, and every situation.

That’s why for attorneys that want to grow their businesses, it’s important to start creating content that answers questions people are desperately looking to answer. Even if it means they don’t become clients right away. That’s why it needs to be part of a larger system.

And we can implement that entire system for you

It’s not enough to rank on Google and bring traffic to your site. We need to optimize the content piece every couple of weeks to make sure we have the right email sign up and people are engaging with the content.

We want to attract the right clients into your office and we can do that by helping more people, answering more questions and nurturing website visitors into understanding what services they actually need.

These tips will help you continue to grow your practice all year long!

At Bambiz, we work with elder law and estate planning firms and have extensive experience in developing social media marketing strategies unique to your firm, location, and potential client base.

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