Why Attorneys Should Always Collect Potential Client Information

At least one-third of your potential clients are looking for an attorney online. If online marketing is going to bring clients to your practice, why should you collect contact information of potential clients?

Knowing your target audience helps you to focus your online marketing strategy for their specific needs.


To convert potential clients (leads) into paying clients.

People respond to your online marketing campaign because they are interested in the services you have to offer. Your potential clients, however, are in 3 different stages.

Having their contact information allows you to market to their needs at the specific stage.

1. Your Potential Client Might Not Be Ready To Purchase

They could be in a research phase searching for the right elder law or estate planning attorney.

You can send them informational marketing material that will start building a relationship. When they need an attorney, you will be the obvious choice because you’re no longer a stranger to them.

And they’ve been reading your newsletter or other forms of communication for a while now.

2. You can Guide Your Potential Client

They know they need an elder law or estate planning attorney but haven’t made an effort to contact an attorney. By focusing on the reasons why they haven’t taken the step, you can direct your marketing strategy to remove all these perceived obstacles.

3. You Become the Obvious Buying Decision

They need to make an appointment with an attorney, and they’re searching for the right attorney.

Statistics show that 26% of law firms don’t do anything with leads received. It means these potential clients go to local competition because they weren’t followed up with.

You need their contact information for follow-up.

In Conclusion

Do the math. If 1 out of 4 legal firms ignore these potential clients, and 1 out of 3 people are already searching for an attorney online, your pie has increased without you doing much.

This is why collecting contact information with a focus marketing strategy in mind can transform your business and bring you a tremendous ROI.

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