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Why Facebook is the best (and free) marketing tool

Why Facebook is the BEST (and FREE) Marketing Tool

Looking for a powerful way to connect with potential elder law and estate planning clients? Look no further than Facebook! This video dives into the surprising truth about Facebook’s demographics and reveals why it’s a goldmine for your practice. Discover how to craft strategic content, engage with your audience, and run targeted ads to reach seniors and adults looking for your services. Learn how to turn Facebook views into consultations!

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Keeping Your Law Firm Safe Online? How to Fight Off Social Media Scams

Phishing scams are when someone tries to trick you on the internet. They want you to give them private information, like your passwords or your client’s personal details.

For lawyers working with older adults and helping people plan their estates, these scams can be a big problem. They can break your clients’ trust and hurt your reputation.

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YouTube update for attorneys

YouTube update for attorneys: handles

YouTube now has handles. Yes, the one with the @.

Imagine a world without having to type in long, random strings of letters and numbers to find your favorite videos.

Now, with handles, all you need is a short, memorable username to find what you’re looking for on YouTube. So go out there and get your firm a Handle today.

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Marketing Services for your Law Firm

Workshops & Webinars

Fill in-person workshops or online webinars with high-quality attendees ready to hire you.

Social Media & YouTube Marketing

Build recognition, nurture relationships, and create a community using the power of YouTube and social media.

Email Campaigns & Newsletters

Consistent communication is key when it comes to establishing trust and rapport with your audience.

Website Design

Clarify your message and turn more web visitors into paying clients. Capture more leads with an optimized, well-designed website.


Reach the right people at the precise moment that they are searching for your services, without paying for ads.

Group Training

Ready to take your firm to the next level but need guidance how to get there? We teach you the techniques that will Level Up your practice.

8 Tips to Host Outstanding Workshops

Workshops Webinars

This free guide includes the best practices you need to know if you are hosting Elder Law or Estate Planning workshops.

This is an example of our monthly YouTube content.

Every month we will provide you the top 4 trending YouTube topics (keywords) related to Elder Law & Estate Planning. These are things that your potential clients are already searching for!

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These are examples of the e-newsletters that we create for our clients.

With our email management service, we create and send a weekly e-newsletter to your contact list. We brand it with your colors and logo, and it looks like it comes straight from your firm.

This is an example of the emails in our nurture sequence. 

With our email management service, we create you both sales and nurture email campaigns that follow up with all new potential clients for 2 months.

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