Jim Blake Gets Candid On Bambiz With Get Staffed Up


Today, Joe Bravo from Get Staffed Up engages in a delightful conversation with our very own Jim Blake, founder and CEO of Bambiz Marketing. They dive into a fascinating discussion with about Bambiz, a marketing agency dedicated to serving elder law and estate planning attorneys across the United States.

Jim kicks off the conversation by introducing himself and Bambiz. Bambiz specializes exclusively in working with elder law and estate planning attorneys, offering tailored marketing services to help them fill workshops and live events with potential clients.

Specialized Services for a Specialized Audience

Established at the end of 2016, Bambiz has carved out a niche in the legal marketing landscape. Jim explains that their focus lies in assisting attorneys who aim to host seminars in their local communities to attract families and seniors interested in estate planning and elder law services.

The Client Journey

Jim details the process of onboarding clients, which often begins with referrals from satisfied clients. Bambiz offers comprehensive support, from initial consultations to providing scripts for promotional videos. They guide attorneys through every step, ensuring successful events that yield tangible results within a month.

Crafting Success Stories and Impacting Communities

Jim describes the typical success story for Bambiz clients, highlighting how they can host their first event within three to four weeks of partnering with the agency. This quick turnaround allows attorneys to see tangible results and gain new clients within a month, providing an immediate return on their investment in marketing.

Navigating Growth and Scaling

Bambiz exclusively serves estate planning and elder law practices, focusing on firms with annual revenues of $7 million and below. This deliberate focus allows them to tailor their services effectively and maintain high standards of quality for their clients.

 The Role of Technology

While Bambiz prioritizes simplicity and effectiveness in its approach, we also leverage technology and AI tools to enhance our services. By combining tried-and-tested marketing strategies with innovative solutions, we ensure that our clients receive the best possible results.

A Collaborative Approach to Onboarding

Jim credits the team for their role in streamlining processes and creating a seamless onboarding experience for new hires, including virtual assistants from Get Staffed Up. By documenting procedures and providing comprehensive training materials, they ensure that new team members can quickly integrate into the company.

Looking Ahead: The Estate Planning and Elder Law Marketing Summit

Bambiz is gearing up for its upcoming event, The Estate Planning and Elder Law Marketing Summit in Denver. This summit will provide attorneys with valuable insights into running successful workshops and optimizing their marketing efforts.

Ready to Take Your Marketing to the Next Level?

If you’re an elder law or estate planning attorney looking to enhance your marketing efforts, we invite you to schedule a free call with Jim and the Bambiz Marketing team.

We specialize in helping law firms create effective online marketing strategies tailored to their unique needs. Don’t miss this opportunity to work with industry experts who are dedicated to helping you grow your practice. Schedule your free call today!

Additionally, those curious about the upcoming summit can find more information at estateandelderlawsummit.com.

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