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4 Ways to Build and Keep Trust with Clients

by Jan 4, 2019Growing Law Practice

It’s no secret that the attorney-client relationship is a very personal one. It is one built on trust and respect, which means that there is no substitute when it comes to building trust with your clients.

A client who trusts their attorney is typically more eager to assist their attorney in meeting their needs which makes it a much more enjoyable relationship for both parties, as well as any supporting staff.

However, it isn’t unusual to hear an attorney talk about a client that is frustrated and too demanding of their time. This is often due to a lack of trust.

Trust is Determined by the Client

Unfortunately, trust is not something that an attorney can force on a client, but it is, however, dependent on the actions of the attorney.

Trustworthiness is something that is subjective to the client, and a reputable attorney will look to form that trust by creating opportunities that will strengthen the relationship at every step of the case.

The 4 Golden Rules of Building and Keeping Trust

To ensure that you start each relationship, or repair a broken relationship, with a healthy amount of trust, you need to consider practicing the following rules for building trust:

1. Make decisions promptly

While it is important to think things through and not make spur of the moment decisions that could harm the client, case, or firm, you need to make decisions quickly. Trust will never be built on indecisiveness.

2. Respect your clients’ opinions

You don’t have to agree with everything your client says but show respect for them when their views are different than your own.

3. Tell the truth

Never assume that people can’t handle the truth. Be honest with your clients. Never overpromise and then under deliver. Think about what options are realistic and only share those with your client.

4. Communicate regularly and clearly

Even when there doesn’t seem like there is much to report, communicate with your client. Whether you opt for a short phone call, quick email, or some other communication, be sure that your client always knows exactly what is going on with their case.Your firm is dependent on whether or not your clients feel that they can trust you. If your clients feel that they can’t trust you, they will share it with their family and friends and word of mouth reviews spread quickly.

Thankfully, the same can be said if the trust is secure between you and your client. They will recommend you to others, thus bringing in more clientele to your firm.

In Conclusion

These tips will help you continue to grow your practice.

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Jim Blake

Jim Blake

Founder/CEO Bambiz

Jim’s mission with Bambiz is to help Elder Law and Estate Planning attorneys get more clients and grow their business.  He was awarded the Tampa Bay Business Journal Top Up and Comer Under 30 and is a Certified Digital Marketer.  Jim is also passionate about running and fitness, having completed over 26 full marathons in three continents.

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