Boost workshop attendance with these simple tips

Have you ever had this happen to you? You’re hosting an elder law or estate planning workshop. Everybody signs up, but nobody shows up. 😩

You want to get those people to your workshop, but you don’t know how. At Bambiz, we have worked with attorneys across the country, filling their workshops.

The best practices outlined in this article will help you turn registrants into attendees.

Finding new clients who need elder law attorneys is only half the battle of running your firm.

Lead generation is a struggle for many in the industry. In addition to lead magnets or pay-per-lead campaigns, implementing an in-person workshop or online seminar to help interested parties is a great way to acquire new legal leads.

After a potential client registers for your event, you need an assertive follow-up plan. With the right approach, your firm can turn potential clients into paying clients and form a mutually beneficial attorney-client relationship.

What to do when someone registers for your event

Utilize a script

A fast, friendly follow-up about the workshop benefits you and potential attendees! To distinguish quality leads from those who aren’t, you should provide new leads with enough information to entice them. Then, promise further details with a personal follow-up call.

No matter your stage in the follow-up process, it’s helpful to use a script. A script helps you remember the necessary information to share with your workshop attendees.

Crucial information to share includes:

  • The name of your law firm
  • The venue details
  • The date and time of the workshop
  • Parking information
  • Whether attendees should bring any items to the workshop

Follow up immediately

An immediate follow-up call is necessary to increase the likelihood of a potential client’s attendance. Ideally, you should contact them the same day they sign up. The sooner the follow-up, the better.

Upon calling them, you should refer to your script while personalizing your message and remaining genuine. Next, briefly introduce yourself and your law firm and thank them for reserving a spot at your workshop. Then, reconfirm the information listed above.

A thoughtful approach gets people excited to attend your event. Don’t forget to include additional information. For example, refreshments and parking details can help them feel prepared.

During the follow-up process, asking about their interest in the workshop shows that you care about them and their legal issues. However, instead of answering their questions via phone, let them know you’ll be able to answer them in detail at the event to incentivize them further to attend.

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Additional follow-up the day before

Another follow-up call is instrumental in getting attendees to show up for your workshop. You should contact each attendee the day before your seminar and revisit your script from the initial call.

Like in the previous call, it begins with a quick introduction to your law firm and yourself. You should reconfirm the time, location, and number of guests attending. Refresh them on additional details and ensure they have the correct information.

Prompt them to think about their elder law and estate planning questions and encourage them to ask those at the event. Remind attendees that you can answer their questions in front of the live audience during the seminar and thank them for their attendance in advance.

Become more successful with your attorney workshop lead follow-up

Following up with leads is essential for law firms. Using the tips in this article, you can increase your chances of registrants actually showing up. Remember to be persistent and consistent with your follow-up, and you will see results.

At Bambiz, we understand firms’ difficulty in gaining clients who need estate planning or legal representation and guidance in elder law cases. We provide streamlined marketing services for elder law attorneys.

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