{Actual client screenshots} Attorney Facebook ad campaigns

With things trending back to “normal” throughout the country, most of our attorney clients are resuming operations and are full speed ahead with marketing and bringing in new business.

We wanted to peel back the curtain and show you the results these clients are getting from our Facebook Ad campaigns.

But first, a question we get a lot… Why do we use Facebook ads? 

Well, your ideal clients are already on Facebook, browsing its endless content every day! 73% of people aged 50-64 are on Facebook, and 50% of people aged 65+ are using it. (Source)

By advertising on Facebook the right way, you can capture contact information from these potential clients in your local area. Then you can import them into your email system for follow up, or invite them to attend a workshop or webinar.

Florida Workshop Registrations
Florida Workshop Leads

This client in Florida is getting live workshop registrations for only $14.30. Also note that these people often bring additional guests which are not accounted for here  – driving the cost per attendee down significantly.

Alabama Workshop Registrations
Alabama Workshop Registrations

The past year this Alabama firm saw an average of $12.26 for a live workshop registration! You can’t beat this type of ROI.

Montana Workshop Registrations
Montana Workshop

Just over $25 per live workshop registration in Montana. How would that change your business?

Michigan Webinar Registrations
Michigan Webinars

This Michigan firm has been getting webinar attendees for as little as $31 each…pretty amazing! Plus look how often the ads have been seen by people (impressions) – 141,359 times! This has significantly increased the firm’s presence in the community.

North Carolina Webinar Registrations
NC Webinar

This campaign is for an Elder Law attorney in North Carolina currently receiving webinar registrations for $32 and they incur no live workshop expenses.

North Carolina Direct to Consultation
NC Consult

Cut right to the chase. For a little over $86 each, this firm is receiving consultation requests. This marketing strategy is bringing in the action takers! Skip past the workshop, these folks are ready for a consultation. What is a consultation worth to you at your practice?

By seeing these results, I hope that you consider taking advantage of this HUGE opportunity available to your practice right now. Schedule a free 15-minute call with us to learn more.

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